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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Caption This #215


Looking forward to your captions in the comments.

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this is so cute Luna and her tongue sticking out is she giving a raz



*giggle*  Precious lil’ Looney….

C’mere momma…just one.little.lick. and I’ll have that ice cream off your nose in a jiffy!

Denise" Ridener


I am ready for my close up! This my cutest face, Momma!



Happy Thanksgiving kisses to everyone. 

What a precious face Luna.



“I’m trying to look like my friend COCO…..but her tongue is soooooo much longer then mine!!!!” Happy Thanksgiving everyone…...



“Wait!! Don’t take the picture yet!  I’m licking my lips first so they look glossy!”

sue states


Hmmm-must be Thanksgiving I can taste the turkey already! Love you Ms. Luna. Pug hugs from the Colorado 4

Hellen Norton


Oh Luna waiting for turkey and punkin bread aleady!!!! just a few more days little one!!



Love all the comments!!

What a beautiful kissy face, Miss Luna!!  xoxo



Luna:  Kiss me you fool! 
Luna is sooooooooooooo cute and what a good clear picture!  She either wants to be kissed or she’s drooling over that pugkin bread….what a babydoll!  xxxooo

pug mama


Looney, are you blowing raspberries at the camera?????



Peanut butter wasted..and she’s got it stuck to the roof of her mouth.

I’m back but it took a new computer and two technicians.  Now I’m doing damage control with the programs that were on the other computer. Boy, don’t we rely on these things.



Huckle, welcome back, and yes 10-15 years ago, we would have said we didn’t need computers…HA!

That was such an adorable pug hope I could have it.

LiloNme(aka Gwen)


Does this tongue make my nose wrinkle look fat?

Oh how i wish Lilo had a little sneaky out tongue like yours Luna!  Unless she’s panting or giving the occasional kiss, i never even see the thing. 

We have been through some pretty bitter temperatures over the last week and weekend. By the time we got ready for our walks Lilo looked like a little sausage with her sweater, her light fleece and her heavy fleece jacket on.  She is just not happy about wearing all that clothing.  Today was beautiful, above freezing so she even got to go out bootfree so she was thrilled.

Getting excited about my brother moving in and getting his puppy in a couple of weeks. Lilo knows he is here, so now when i get up to shower for work, she gets out of bed and scratches at his door to come in to snuggle.  She used to stay in my bed and sleep before.  I guess so long as there is a warm body to snuggle up to, she’s happy!

Continued prayers for Gina and Pip, Huckle and Georgie, and anyone else whose needing as well as Hellen for her next little bundle to come home for the holidays!

Love and pug hugs to all!

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