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Friday, September 18, 2009



Sol continues to do well. She slept most of Thursday, which was to be expected. Her appetite is back in full swing which is always a good sign. The biggest problem we are having is that the little bugger can a find a pill in pretty much anything.

For the curious, here is a picture of Sol's incision on her belly that I took the night of her surgery day. If you are squeamish or you happen to be eating breakfast feel free to skip right over that link.

The 2010 calendar submissions came to a quiet close earlier in the month. We received over 1,250 amazing pug photos! I was happily surprised. A huge thank you to all that submitted pictures.

I have been hard at work on the calendar whenever I have a moment of downtime. I am hoping to send it off to the printer by the middle of next week, which would keep things on track for an early October release date.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! You all deserve it! I'm sure everyone is tired after sending all those well wishes to Solsey Baby.

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Dear Sol:

Mommy told us you had an ouwie and we are all sending you lots of puggy snuggles, snorts and snuffles to make you feel better.  We are very very happy to hear that you are feeling better already and hope that you continue to get stronger and feel less owie.

Ho-Tei is very proud of your pill finding abilities.  He too is very good at finding the pill in anything.  Sure hope you haven’t learned his trick about holding the pill in your mouth until mom walks away and then spitting it out!

Get well soon dear friend.  We are sending you lots and lots of pug love.

Ho-Tei, Myoki, Woody, Bodhi & Poppy



I’m so happy to hear she’s doing well as we have been holding good thoughts for her she’s such a love,please give her hugs and kisses from us and we will be keeping good thoughts for our sol.



I never tire of Sol.  I was just talking to my mother yesterday about what to do if something happens to a dog on a blog that you read about but don’t know if real life!  She’s my favotire…but don’t tell the other kids!



Ouch, looks very painful.
got goosebumps from looking at the incision

hope all of the pugs have a great weekend!



Solsey, you have to take that medicine sweetie pie.  Tell your mommy to try pill pockets.  They are wonderful and come in beef and chicken flavors.  It is the best invention ever.  I have had no problems giving medicine since I started using them.

Solsey’s incision looks ucky, but not has bad as I had envisioned it.  Keep getting better sweet baby.

Happy weekend to all, and Corrine, hope you and your hubby have a quiet weekend.

Hugs to all OBPlanders.



Sleighbelle used to be a champ at eating the cheese or turkey and then spitting out the pill.  Know how I solved that little issue?  peanut butter!!!  She LOVES peanut butter and I put a dab on my finger, then the pill and then another little dab and she eats the whole thing and never knows there was a pill inside that lucious little peanut butter pillow!!!  You should try it!
Oh, of course, I am thrilled that Sol is doing so well.  I am sending pugs sugars to her and Luna, Benny and Henry—gotta keep all the troops happy.



Sweet Solsie, so glad you are fairing well during this recovery…my tummy ached looking at your lil’ tummy…looks sore sweet love, but I know how strong you are and know you are being loved on and taken care of fabulously.  Have a relaxing weekend of snuggling and rest.  We love you and continue to pray for your healing and health!

Happy weekend to all.  Pug love, Heather, Baxter, and Riley



Dear Sol:

I am very happpy to hear that your recovery is progressing well.  Don’t worry about the scar, they fade quickly and are hardly noticeable…just pack away the bikini for the rest of the season.  Oh, and be sure and tell your Mom about the amazing healing properties of pumpkin bread…taken by mouth at least twice daily, it promotes healing and ensures a happy disposition!



That is quite the owie, for sure.
Isn’t it amazing how we respond to hearing about things that happen with our babies?  I think it is wonderful to have a support system of all the awesome OBP readers, even though we have not met.!
wishing a speedy recovery for Sol, and hope everyone in OBP land has a great weekend!!

mary castagnoli


Considering what indiscriminate eaters most pugs seem to be, it’s surprising that they balk over ingesting a pill or two - but my Bella also started getting to be quite the tongue detective and with her allergies, and, for awhile, her bladder infections, it was getting more and more frustrating to get pills down her without actually pushing them in, which usually got her upset enough (she’s a very shy, non-confrontational little girl) that she would up-chuck immediately following.  My vet has these “pill pockets” that are very soft, and beef-flavored, with a hole in the middle for the pill to slide in and them you smoosh the pocket closed and present this little nugget - and - VOILA!  Mission accomplished.  Bella likes them well enough that, she even sees me put the pill inside; I offer it to her saying, “Time to take your pill!” and she goggles it down.  The consistency is such that she’s not inclined to chew it (not that she chews alot of her food much) - so ALL is Well!  I’m also having to watch her weight and this has fewer calories in it than soft cheese or deli ham.  I sometimes would think she would look for a pill in that stuff, just to get “seconds” when I would have to give it another go after she spit out (the pill) the first attempt.
Anyway - will be praying for good, good, news for your little trooper - and she really has been, hasn’t she?!  I have one of Sol’s pictures (riding in her knap-sack) as a screen saver - so I see her many times each day and send special thoughts her way!
A good weekend - right back at you guys!!



I am so happy to hear that Sol continues to do well! I have been thinking about her so much!
Pearl is an expert pill-spitter-outter herself. I have to change my strategy almost every day so she does not catch on. The peanut butter worked for a few weeks, and marshmallows were also great (until she caught on!).
Have a great weekend!! Can’t wait to see the calendar!!

Karen B


Sol, my love, you must take your puggy meds!  If you just swallow quickly, it’s over in no time!  C.J. and Toeby are so excited to get a piece of cheese that they don’t even notice the pill.  They don’t chew and just gobble them right down!

Have a great weekend everyone and we will all continue to wish Miss Sol a speedy recovery!



Thanks for the update Corrine.  I hope you find some time to relax this weekend.  I know the long wait for the biopsy results won’t be easy, but remember that time flies when you sleep wink

Have a great weekend, OBPland. And Happy (and sweet) New Year to any Jewish readers!

Lucy's Mommy


I’ve tried EVERYTHING to get Lucy to take a pill-cheese, peanut butter, pill pockets, putting it down her throat (owww, hard on the finger!) I’ve finally given up and just crush the pill with the back of a spoon and mix it in with a spoonful of pumpkin. Takes a little longer but she eats up every bit of it!
Sure glad to hear Ms. Sol is doing well!!!



Dear Sol,

Keep doing well!  Sleep, eat, and enjoy being loved on.  And please try hard to take your pills for Mom.

Bennie and Martha

patty b


Try rolling a pill in a ball of cream cheese.  It works every time.  Have a very comfortable and restful weekend, Sol.  It’s so wonderful to hear that you have perked up and are eating.  Ask Mom for your favorites - spaghetti,Pugkin Bread and maybe throw in a little scoop of ice cream. You’ll be back to your old self in no time!

Darci and Abbey the Pug


Poor Sol!!  That looks so sore!  Take care of yourself little girl!



Oh Sol! So glad you’re continuing to do well. I just took Ruki in for surgery so you guys will be recooperating together!

Gabby and K


check with your vet, but if it only one pill a day… a maraschino cherry is perfect for a pill. that little cut out where they took the pit is perfect for inserting a pill. i’ve never had a “cherry pill” discovered or spit back. smile



Glad to hear Sol is doing well.  Hope the others aren’t jealous of her special attention!  We love them all too!  Have a great weekend!  You deserve it!



Nevis, just read your post about Ruki..hope the surgery wasn’t too major and hope the recovery is speedy.  We go through torture when out babies go under the knife.

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