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Monday, February 6, 2012

Super Bowl XLVI

The teams playing in Super Bowl XLVI didn't turn out exactly how we would like (darn Ravens), but that didn't stop us from enjoying the game on Sunday. And the pugs love football Sundays! What can be better than snacks and cuddle time!

You can see a little bit of the tv in the mirror behind the pugs, but it sure doesn't look like the pugs are too interested. I'm pretty sure they were all snoring by the end of the first quarter.

Here's hoping your team won!

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oh i’m bored"like mine just another day to catch some shut-eye lol.



Yes, my team won, thank you very much! lol

So, no mention of the puppy bowl this year.  Did you watch?

Minnie and Mack


Yep, that’s what was happening at our house, too! I love your decor couch, pug color?

Drools and licks,
Minnie and Mack



Well as a New Englander, let’s just say I’m with the gang…booo. But snacks and cuddles are the best no matter the outcome of the game. Love and snorts to all!!!



No football at this household yesterday, but Romeo and the rest of the gang could not have cared less, and there were a few little snacks anyway. They mostly assumed Bennie’s position.



Benny looks zonked out there was no football here but I know my brother must really be upset he is so into the patriots



We interrupted our regular programing to watch the half time show.  Mr. Skittles napped thru that!!
We are not big sports fans (sorry!) so we didn’t watch it.

sue states


Things were festive and the gang here enjoyed being spoiled with pieces of chicken and other goodies. Not sure who they were rooting for but I think it was the chicken that was their choice for MVG(Most valued goodie). Pug hugs from the Colorado 4



Thats what I did Bennie! Bella and I were snuggling and snoozin’! Hubby went to watch the game with friends so my Dad and sis came over. We discovered that Bella ~ who doesn’t like people food ~ couldn’t turn down a small bite of lemon cake with lemon frosting. Sweet Bella!

Prayers for all our pugs (and people) in need.

Pug Hugs from Bella & me



“I’m with you Benny…snore!”

Gina, did you make enough of the lemon cake to send to OBPland?  If not, I don’t think it was nice of you to mention it.

Sue, since Georgie shares Cuddles condition of collapsing trachea, I thought it might be helpful for you to know what our vet said about surgery in the future.  For the moment, Georgie’s condition is being controlled with bronchial dialators, however, should it become too much strain on his heart or lungs, then we are looking at surgery.  The surgery he is talking about is the placement of stents down his throat which is less invasive than the old way of approaching the trachea from the outside.  He said that the old way was not cheap (nor is the new I’m sure) and not as successful as the placing of stents.  It takes a qualified vet, which for us is Ohio State vet school about two hours away from us but I’d travel the United States if I had to (and could afford it).  I thought perhaps this information might help you and it could be that your vet is skeptical about the outcome of placing the stents. The other surgery, the old way, does not sound promising.  That’s the only reason I could think of for your vet not telling you of this procedure or of there being one vet in your area to do it.  I find it comforting to know that there are options should push come to shove.  Smooch little Cuddles from Gracie, Georgie and Abby.



Huckle thanks for the info I will ask my vet about it right now he is on doxycycline,hydrocodone,prednisone, and diazepam he does ok if he just rests its when he gets up and walks around the coughing starts I do have to say from last wednesday its not as bad what scares me is my vet said he will probably have more episodes like this this is the second time he had a bad one in september but this one seems worse and is lasting longer

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