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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Too Chilly For QP


I always feel a little bit bad of including Cupid on the blog since she isn't really "owned by pugs". And boy of boy would she throw a kitty cat hissy fit if I even suggested this.

So, anyway, if you are anti-cat, then hopefully I will still see you tomorrow.....

But since Cupid is a huge part of the family then I sometimes cannot steer away from sharing some her antics. (She was here before the pugs, she often reminds me.)

Anyway, we have been having a bit of a cold snap here in Florida. (It's not really a string of days strung together more like one day here and there plopped in between days in the 70's. Crazy stuff.)

On this day, it was in the upper 40's and windy. I had recently fished Cupid cat condo from the pool from which it had blown the night before. Well, Cupid was itching to outside but it was just a bit too cool for her to venture out into the elements. Instead, Cupid pawed at the blinds in the kitchen so that I would open them so that she could look out the window longing for the warmth to come back.

Ah, silly kitty. (And for Big Bang Theory fans, "Soft kitty, warm kitty. Little ball of fur. Happy kitty, sleepy kitty. Purr. Purr. Purr."

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OHH, I love the soft kitty song!!! 

I, for one have no complaint about Cupid being included:  she is family, too. grin

Have a great day, OBPers

Melissa Estrada


I love Cupid too…..When you include her then my kitty, Binx, feels included as well!  I love the fact that you had to fish the cat condo out of the pool….we live in South Florida and are doing the same all the time!



Cupid is wondering when she’s going to be able to lay out by the pool!
What a lovely cat.



I, for one, would feel things amiss if you didn’t include Cupid (QP) in your blog.  She is family too and I think she is precious, unlike my obnoxious cat, Frankie, lol.



I also am glad you include Cupid she is part of the family she is a cutie



It’s okay to report on Cupid’s antics!! Besides my grandpugs, I have grandkitties, too!! And we sing “Soft Kitty” too them even when they’re not sick!!



I love hearing about Cupid on the blog. Don’t change a thing, except maybe more stories about the little angel.



Cupid is family and it is fun to see how she interacts (ignores) the puggers!!  lol
Good to hear about her also!
Love “Soft Kitty” song!!  Gotta love Big Bang!!

I think todays featured pug picture is Georgie, from Huckle’s clan.  One cannot have too many bones! lol

sue states


Love the Soft Kitty song,too! We share stories about all our fur babies-I miss having kitties due to allergies so I enjoy cupid. Enjoyed the Big Bang episode when Sheldon went out and adopted a whole lot of kitties! Pug Hugs from the Colorado 4



I’m with everyone Corrine! I love Cupid stories too! She is beautiful and part of the family as well. My husband is allergic to cats so we don’t have one. (Although sometimes I would prefer a kitty. hee hee.)

Much love to everyone! Pug Hugs from Bella, Susie Dog (dog sitting the doxie) & me. smile I will try to post a pic of them sitting in the sun.

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