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Tuesday, September 11, 2007



As told by Lisa

We knew we wanted another Pug but rather than go to the breeder for a Puppy we looked into the Green Mountain Pug Rescue to find a needy Pug that is in need of a forever home. There were so many to choose from. We came upon Turbo's Photo with little detail on him saying he was an owner surrender and was 10 years old. I contacted the Rescue to let them know we were interested in Turbo. They set up a home inspection and came to talk about the program. Shortly after that we received a call from Turbo's foster Mom asking if we were interested in coming to meet Turbo at her home. My Husband and youngest daughter along with our 2 Pugs Willow and Belle journeyed into Vermont to Turbo and the whole way I crossed my fingers hoping he would like us.


When I first laid eyes on him he stole my heart. He came right over to greet us and gave me Puggy kisses. He followed Willow and Belle all over and they played and played. Our visit went so well we got to bring him home that very same day. His foster Mom is a wonderful woman who was pretty choked up to see him leave but she was happy knowing he was going to a forever home that he deserved. It was a Bitter sweet moment. We keep in close contact with his Foster Mom she played a big role in Turbo's life.

Here is what I know of Turbo....

When he was young he was not treated very well he was used as a stud and kept on a short leash and was abused. He was kicked so hard his left eye was knocked out and his right eye is out of socket and is 90% blind in that eye. He requires eye ointment 4-5 times a day to help preserve the vision he has in his eye. We are trying to save his eye, but if it gets any worse he may have to have it removed to relieve the pain if it starts to bother him. (As of right know he shows no symptoms of pain). He also has Collapsed Trachea and is also on medication for that as well.

When he was around 3 years old he was rescued by a young woman and she kept him for 7 years. She kept great care of him and loved him so much but she was moving and was unable to take him with her. So sad :0

What I have learned about Turbo:

  • He loves to sleep under the covers in bed at night
  • He can walk on his hind legs for a treat
  • He kisses me after I doctor his eye
  • He is a Mama's Boy he follows me around every where I go
  • He loves to go for rides in the car. (Monday is Turbo's car ride day. Just him and I go for a Monday Morning ride to get coffee and he gets a donut Hole for a treat. (He seems to enjoy this)
  • He has Bad breath but I don't mind
  • He also sneezes on me and sprays me with his nose spray...But I don't mind this either
  • He does not act like he is 10 1/2 years old he acts as if he is 5 years old
  • I was told by his vet he is in shape and is fit as a young pug
  • He is such a love he wants to cuddle all the time
  • He weighs 28lbs, but not a bit of Fat he is just a large structured guy
  • He is a good sport and allows my daughters to polish his toes pink (I tell him Real Men wear Pink)

To stay up to date with the latest on Turbo and his two sisters Willow & Belle check out their blog, Pug Posse.


Thank you for adopting such a loving devoted man:)  Turbo is a senior but only on paper- so glad he is with you!!

He is blessed to have been adopted by you!




he is a cute dog! i am getting ready to get my first Pug so i am reading up as much as i can!



I bet he is lovely coz he sounds it. I have a pug called Chia. She is 10 and her back end is parrelised so she doesnt know when she is going to the toilet or anything so she is a bit down at the minute, but with the time that she has left we are giving her as much love as we can because we have had her since she was 8 months and she deserves all the love in the world.



I have a rescue pug, Renny. He is 2 years old. He is wonderful, my little man! He rules the house. Sneezing, blowing his snotties, snorting so loud at night (which is how I can tell he is sleeping soundly) but i wouldnt have it any other way. He is my joy. He too loves car rides. He knows exactly what “road trip” means…and he has a penchant for ice ships. I am an animal lover, but pugs just rock!



Hi there, Turbo is a very handsome young man!! ( don’t worry Turbo, real men do wear pink!! the brighter the better!! wink ) I am going to be bringing home my very first pug in 2 weeks! (I hope pugzly will be just as patient with nail painting .. lol.) Take care!



It just kills me to think of the way these poor babies are treated! I have a 7 year old pug named Daisey Mae and couldn’t live without her. Bless these people that rescue and adopt these wonderful dogs.



Kicking a Pug so hard (I’m sure it wasn’t the first time, either) that his eye came out??  I just cannot imagine the lowlife SOBs who would do this.  Who besides a wannabe murderer would kick a Pug in the face, or at all???  I am such a calm person in life, so calm and sedate, EXCEPT for this type of thing.

Robin Rhyand


Turbo is one lucky guy!  He has a Mom that loves him unconditionally!  God Bless the Pug Posse!



Turbo is beautiful..  you are very lucky..



Turbo is adorable! He is so lucky to have such a great family. I have a pug Samson who I love more then anything, I can not imagine anyone EVER hurting a pug. It breaks my heart but the fact that you took him in is amazing!!



Turbo is so cute and thanks to loving people like yourself these animals have a chance at a great & happy life after all they go through. PUGS Rule!!! I have a 3 year old called Louie & he is the Best!



Pugs are God’s odd looking little angels!
Turbo is truly a God send.
Bless you all.



Hey there Turbo!  You’re doing what we call the “Bun Trick” where you tuck your front legs under you!  It’s so cute.  You look perfectly regal there on your very own chair on the deck!  Kisses and hugs!  XXXOOO



Oh Turbo! Good to know you are doing well! I wrote here back in Oct 2007. 3 yrs later I still have my wonderful pug, Renny. He is 4 years old and doing great! He also has an adopted pug brother named Dinner-age 2 yrs and another ‘pug brother’, Henry who is just 6 months old. They may not be “blood-related”, but they are brothers and love one another very much! They each have their own personality, with all of them loving the ICE CHIPS! Renny taught them that pugs get their way and do no wrong with me! Pugs are the coolest ever!

Wayne Blackman


Who would kick a pug? They are the most loving dogs.
I am happy to hear Turbo found a great home.

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