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Monday, March 2, 2009

Who’s That Pug - Answers

Wow! You guys did very well. I guess I will have to make the next trivia question much more difficult! The answers are below and if you click on a picture, the full size image will be revealed.

  • A: That cute, little, floppy ear belongs to none other than Luna
  • B: That very dark brown ear belongs to Baby Benny
  • C: That very tiny ear belongs to Ms. Sol
  • D: That velvety soft ear belongs to Henry

Click on a picture to reveal the full size photo.

Luna's ear

Benny's ear

Sol's ear

Henry's ear

Monday, March 2, 2009

Who’s That Pug?

It always surprises me how well you all know the pugs.  I was thinking about it one day, months before Sol had come into our lives, and I thought it would be cool to do something on the blog to test your knowledge of Benjamin, Henry, Luna.  So after months of sitting on the idea here is the first Who’s That Pug post.

I thought it would be neat to post an ultra close-up picture of the pugs and see if you could guess who is who from the photos.  Sol is of course included, but I think her pictures will be a little bit easier to identify because, let’s face it, one of these pugs is not like the others.  Consider her pictures the credit you get for writing your name on your test paper.

For the first post, I thought we could take a close look at the pugs’ ears and see if you can tell who is who based on the photos.  Each photo is labeled with a letter.  In the comments section, write the letter and then the name of the pugs that you think belongs to that ear.

So no one loses any sleep tonight, I will post the answers this evening (around 5pm EST).

Good luck!

Who's that pug?

Who's that pug?

Who's that pug?

Who's that pug?

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