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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Ask OBP #12


Hi Christie! Thank you for carrying the weight of Ask OBP! We love your questions! And you have some doozies! It sounds like our pugs have little in common with your pugs. This is so odd to us, though! We have found that pugs have so much in common. But I have not heard about a pug licking hair! Actually, our pugs would lick our faces UNTIL they got to our hair and then they would start again from the chin up. Your pugs licking your hair seems so funny to us! Are there any other hair-licking pugs out there?

So, we will tangent from the pugs licking hair to Cupid chewing our hair and biting our scalp. This is one of Cupid's favorite things in life. She prefers to do this right after a shower with wet hair and then the bonus of fresh dried hair topped with hair spray or some other product. Oh she LOVES that! We are convinced it is that behavior that got her kicked out of her original home. She "wouldn't stay out of the baby's crib" was the reason listed for giving her up. I can just see her hoping in the crib with a sweet newborn post tear free shampoo bath! Oh, she must have gone to town on that kid! First, she sniffs then gently paws the head. That is followed by a harsher paw where she spoons the hair into her mouth. The final blow is when she buries her face in the hair and tries to get a mouthful which often includes scalp! Yikes! And in her younger days she may have given an extra back claw to the head finale. After her hair show was over, she would literally roll over as if in an over pleasured indulged coma. So, nope on the pugs, but a big yes on the cat!

Monday, October 12, 2015

So Spoiled

Henry has never been much of a barker. He would give a woo woo woo when he was giving you some attitude or share a bit of barky excitement when arriving at a new location or coming back home from an outing. But as far as giving a bark to get fed or to be let out to go potty, he's always been the strong silent type.

With his no longer newly found blindness, he has learned how to make his voice work for him. In this video, you see him bordering on throwing a temper tantrum for the freshly grilled steaks under the foil. With his IBD/low protein level issues, he is not even allowed to have one small bite, poor kid. His nose, though, without sight from his eyes, makes up for his other senses. So, whenever there is an overflow of yummy smells, he tends to loose his mind a little bit. And that is what the tantrum shows. He has mastered using his voice and really wants some steak!

Sorry H, sweetie, your colon says otherwise. :(

Friday, October 9, 2015

Not Time To Eat


Henry has gotten in the bad bad habit of wanting breakfast a few hours before actual wake up time. Just so that we can peacefully rest the last couple of hours of sleep, we have begrudgingly obliged. He additionally, has started to consider ANY time right after he wakes up as another meal time. He can be very convincing. He will just stand at his food spot and stare at the wall patiently waiting for his meal. He would stand there for A LONG time if you let him. We try to get his mind off the meal that he is envisioning in his head. Sometimes he will NOT wait patiently and if he is actually pretty hungry, he will bark a bark of desperation as if to say, "you're letting me starve?!" It is obviously all in his head. He is well fed. No doubt about that. Just more blind dog antics.

#BlindDogProblems #99ProblemsButFood'sNotOne #wakeuptimeisbreakfasttimealldaylong

Thursday, October 8, 2015

So Deceiving


It is well known that Cupid has had her ups and downs in the behavior department. She can antagonize Henry, be a pole dancer, spit at a toddler or be charming and chatty and drooling with love. It is times when we see her in sweet sleep, with her little paws all curled up that we just look at her and think, "aw!" Then we mumble, "deceiving little devil!"

#CupidIsACutie #WellRoundedCat #CalicoAllTheWay

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

High Tide Hank


A short time ago, we posted about Henry being a daredevil. He walked on the border of a steep drop off at the edge of the Halifax River. Well, it was low tide during that visit. The low water level exposed the sharp shells on the bottom of the river. Well, on the same night that we went moon viewing (which was actually about a week before the Blood Moon/Lunar Eclipse letdown), we took this photo of Henry. Again, he is teetering with disaster. This time, however, there are more factors going against him but some going for him. The worrisome factors would be the fact that the darkness was falling fast and the winds were quite gusty. The high tide, however would be a good thing. If he fell in, he would fall into water and not on jagged debris. He can sort of swim and we can swim and he would still be on a leash so we could pull him to safety. Landing in water would have been way safer if he fell, though. Bur for Henry, his "living on the edge" style of life over the last year or so has us going gray with worry.

Henry still has a lust for life but just doesn't get any possible consequences. He's a wild one. #HenryStrong

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Ask OBP #11

Welcome back to Ask OBP. We have been asked by Christie if we sing songs to the pugs. And it was both comical and shocking to learn that a few of you sing the same song to your pugs! You are my pugshine has seemed to be a chart topper with our readers! That is amazing!

We can safely say that we pretty much have never sang lullabies to the pugs. Sorry to disappoint, but we were not part of the Pugshine bandwagon. Of course, there were a few obvious songs that we have sung to them, however. As you may recall, they were Benny and the Jets for Halloween one year. We would regularly screech out the wails of Elton John's popular tune. The pugs were not a fan of this, but Benny did seem to know it was all about him and it was ok with him if we were pitchy.

Another likely obvious song we would sing to Henry would be 'Enery the 8th. This was an oldie but goody. And even though it is now racially outdated and inappropriate, we used to belt the chorus of Brother Louie to Luna except we replaced Louie Louie Louie Louie with Looney Looney Looney Looney.

Most recently we have The Heart of Rock and Roll is Still Beating where we have updated the lyrics to be The Heart of Hanky Doo is Still Beating.

I must also confess, that I have a soft spot for Paula Abdul's Forever Your Girl. That's kind of a love song that Luna and I have to each other. The song is special because we always called Luna "girl" as in "Hey, Girl!" or "Hey, Girl, Hey!" And Luna was SO loyal that it just seems to fit.

A while back, when Benny, Henry and Luna were all youngsters, we made little video montages to You've Got a Friend in Me and You're My Best Friend. We also did one for Luna using Pretty Woman. So those songs stuck and we were know to serenade the pugs to one of those tunes now and then.

I realize that this means that Solsey never got a song of her own. If we were a member of the Pugshine club, we may have sang it but to the lyrics You are my Solshine. Sadly, this never, pardon the pun, dawned on us. #ba-dump-bum

Christie, you are a question workhorse out there! We love answering your questions. And Christie, we will answer the one about hair licking next week (sorry for the delay). Is anyone else going to follow Christie's lead and ask questions? Ask OBP can only live as long as we have something to answer. I know there has been a sprinkling of other questions, but you have to give it to Christie for carrying the team. #wink

Monday, October 5, 2015

The Moon Failed Us


The night of 9/27 was to be a blood moon and a lunar eclipse. The next one not until 2033. Our weather was terrible. We saw beautiful Luna rise and got to observe her for a few precious minutes but after that everything went south. The clouds thickened and then at prime time we actually had a massive rain shower. So, it was all for nothing. Please feel free to share your observations if you were lucky enough to catch the spectacular event.

The photo shown is of Henry a few days before the moon got it's biggest. It was a still an overcast and windy night but Henry was happy to be out and about.

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