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Friday, April 24, 2015

Big Henry

Big Henry

On a recent trip to the SeeMor Memorial Dog Park, we saw this guy on the big dog side. It reminded us of the movie, Honey I Blew Up the Kids! It's like Henry on steroids! Little ol' Henry was on the small dog side oblivious to his king sized twin. We were going to ask his dad for a photo of the two dogs together but the man had his nose buried in a book so we did not bother him. It made for funny discussion though.


Thursday, April 23, 2015

Pug Humor


In the OBP household we spend a lot of time cracking ourselves up. And cracking each other up. One of the things that we started to do when Henry was struggling with getting food and water in him during his chemo time was offering food and drink in unique ways. The one thing that has really stuck beyond his chemo time was how we offer Henry water. We don't tell Henry to take a drink, or ask him does he want some water, we bring him the bowl and we say, "your beverage, sir" or "would you like a beverage?"

We know this sounds totally ridiculous but this is what would get him to drink post chemo. It's almost like he knew that we were trying to make him laugh, then he would at least take a sip or two for us even though he didn't really want to do so. Everyone is probably wondering, why the heck does he need water brought to him? Can't he find his water bowl? Well, like I said, when this started he was really too weak to get up and get anything on his own. And now it is more for when we travel. If we are at a park or in the car where there is no set water bowl. And honestly, at home now being blind he still doesn't always nail finding his water bowl on the first try. So, that is why the "would you like a beverage?" has sort of stuck. You know Henry, he is such a refined young gentleman pug. He doesn't want just a drink of water! He wants a beverage!

#CrazyPug #BeverageNeedingPug #SillyHenry #HenryStrong #GoodPug

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

ANOTHER Doris Leeper Park


I guess we will have to research who Doris Leeper was because her name is on so many parks around our town. We have found another park named after her. (I guess we could be technical and say that the parks are like one continuous park but that is somewhat of a stretch.) In any case, we found another Doris Leeper park and ventured there recently. This one is more of a fishing spot with a little less shady areas and a little more waterway.


Henry cooled off in the water a bit but we did not want him to stay in there long. We saw a lot of crabs and other critters in the water making it uncomfortable for us. Of course we would not want a crab to catch hold of his tail or legs or any other part of him!

It was nice new adventure nonetheless. He walked the whole walk and got his feet wet on 2 separate occasions.He wasn't even so tuckered out when we got home! This little 13 year old was like, "Hey! Give a me a challenge here and there, won't you?!" #OneStrongPug #HenryStrong #HenryIsAGoodBoy #GoodPug

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Caption This #365


This is our 365th Caption This! If we were doing one a day, it would only be one year old but at 1 time per week, it's 52 weeks or 2 years of Caption This. This one is no different. We look forward to your captions, as we always do!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Henry’s Birthday Follow Up

Henry had an extra special treat on his birthday this year. We snuck him onto the "just for people" beach. It was somewhat after prime hours and there were only a few people around. He really enjoyed the ocean and the hard sand. He got some extra protein, too. Yikes! There's been a lot of extra protein lately, we need to scale back now. But Henry turned 13 in style!

Friday, April 17, 2015

Seemor Dog Park


There is a local dog park here that was named after a dog who was a seeing eye dog. The dog's name was Seemor. (Ha! See More!) The dog park has 2 sides. One for big dogs and one for little dogs. We used to go there on occasion when all of the puggers were at a point when they could appreciate it. We had not been there in a long while. But as we considered what might be better for Henry in regards to "wandering" instead of "walking" we thought that maybe this would be a good option. We have been there 2 times recently. Both times we were the only ones there. So, that was actually pretty good. We don't necessarily want other dogs bumping into him and we are not sure how he is now in a room full of strangers.

Henry did a great there in his lonesomeness. It was actually an ideal situation. He got to sniff out a whole new area, could be off leash, not be pressured to stay on a path and we didn't have to carry him anywhere! Yay! It was a win all the way around. The second time there he even wanted to explore the big dog side. This was perfectly fine since no one else was there. We left when the mosquitoes started getting hot and heavy! Ugh! Henry had a great time, though. #HenryStrong

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Car Ride


Not Henry's most flattering photo, but he is obviously in heaven! The reflection is from my bright green hoody! His teeth are not THAT dirty! LOL!

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