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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Updated Backyard


My week away with Peep #2 being on duty was an effort to get Henry up to speed to be able to be left alone again. Even if for just a few hours. Henry's cognitive state is such that he cannot always find his way around our home. He has trouble getting to the doggy door to get out to the lanai and then from the lanai to the yard. The doggy doors are of course set up so that the pugs could go out and go potty/play in the yard while we were home, but yet on their own. Henry has always been a master at this. I am sure he has prided himself by being an expert in the potty department having never had a potty accident (minus one rarity while waking suddenly from sleep, while on vacation in a different bed/home/routine over 10 years ago). Now, without help to find the door, a potty accident will likely be imminent. If it was just a potty issue, we may bite the bullet and let it be what it is and clean up any mess when we got home.

However, his physical abilities are such that if he is not on a surface (i.e. full carpet) when he tries to go to a standing position from a laying position then he is unable to do this. He will get panicky and barky. So, he is not really in a place mentally or physically where we feel ok to leave him alone. And even while I was away, Peep #2 had him in the backyard to go potty and everything seemed to be going ok, but he got stuck in the little metal guide fence/barrier from yesteryear that made it so Benny would not pee through the screen onto the pool deck. While attempting to navigate his way out/back around he fell down the hill into a very small hole/crevasse and could not get up/out. So, it's a good thing Henry was not alone and had help to get out. Since that day (actually that day---only hours later) a modification was made to the back yard (and path leading to the back yard). We are ever the problem solvers. Peep #2 took Henry to Lowe's, got some mini fencing (like what we have/what he is used to out front near the agave). Peep #2 made a mini yard for Henry. Now we will still have the problem that Henry cannot get the yard by himself, but navigating him there on leash and letting him off leash in the back yard should allow for him to be a bit safer. Peep #2 also lined the orange mesh with a plant bed liner so as Henry would be less likely to get his little paw tangled (which was also observed while I was away).


The good thing about this little mini fence being so low is that Cupid can still hop over it and back. Win-win! So we will keep working to try to get Henry to where he can find his way around the house (not just to go out to go potty but that would be nice too!). #henrystrong #solutionsallaround #problemsolvers

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Joyce Joy


You are the best problem solvers.  Henry is such a good boy being so strong….much love you you at OBP land!



Forever the problem solvers… love it.
A mini yard for Henry!!



Henry’s peeps have done the very best job possible being problem-solvers!




Henry you are such a well loved, lucky little pug that your peeps keep coming up with solutions to make dealing with your problems as easy as possible.  My heart goes out to the OBP household.

Christie Sachde


I like the little pug potty patch in the yard:) And Henry looks so cute in the first pic by the pool…but then when doesn’t he look cute?!?!?!

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