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Monday, February 8, 2016

Ask OBP #24

Sol, Luna, Henry and Benjamin

This week's reply comes from a question asked by Lindsay. She had questions about what we serve our pugs. The following diet was the staple diet that the pugs were on throughout most of their lives. It was 1/2 cup ground turkey (white meat), heaping tablespoon of canned pumpkin, level tablespoon of plain oatmeal, a round tablespoon of the veggie of the week (peas, green beans, zucchini, asparagus, spinach were common choices). This was served twice a day and kept them full and at a good weight. They did later in life carry a little weight but that came from a few too many extra bonus table scraps, Calorie wise it was comparable to healthier variety dog food but was much lower in fat content than most. When considering home cooked meals the below links are the ones that came vet recommended.

Home Prepared Dog & Cat Diets

Raw and Natural Nutrition for Dogs

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Not a question for Corinne, but rather for all OBPers. It would be so great to see pics of everybody’s pugs. Some we see, but some we never have (as far as I know, I don’t go back as far as some). Would love to see pics of Minnie, Mack, Mario, mrharrypug, Klaira Belle, Knutia Jean, GG’s gang, Mini Anderson Cooper, and all the rest!

lindsay dean


Thanks for the info!  That seems like a lot of food for a serving in compairson to the amount of dog food I feed them. But the quality of the calories is much better, I’m sure.  I’m seriously contemplating it, but then it would be dog food prep in addition to my food prep on sundays…so we’ll see if I have it in me.  Thanks again!



This is one of my fav OPB pics.  #GatherRoundTheTable
My question for next time:  How is Henry’s hearing? Can he hear that treat jar open at 50 feet?



all around the table… how cute!!

Corrine - OBP


Hi Lindsay
I just wanted to share a quick reply about the amount of food.  It would seem like a large portion but we have actually compared volume of kibble to our usual serving.  When water was added to the kibble and allowed to sit (as it would in a pup’s tummy) it expanded greatly.  Not quite but almost to the same volume as our food bowl.  Our food would not expand when water is added, though.  So, pardon the pun, but that is also some food for thought.  smile

Christie Sachde


So, do you just prepare this once a week and then stick it in the fridge? I agree with Chuckie, would love to see pics of everybody’s kidz:)

Christie Sachde


Speaking of food…did any of your pugs ever get into food they should not have???

Over the holidays I had gotten a bag of brown sugar…I needed it to bake a cake for Christmas Eve dinner. I put it in the pantry, bottom shelf…IN THE BACK. And I ALWAYS close the pantry door.

My husband was working from home Christmas week…office is in the basement…at some point he notices Vito is missing. He goes upstairs to find him sprawled in the middle of the kitchen floor. He can tell by the look on his face that something is wrong.

He gets closer to Vito and sees little brown crystals all of his pug face…then notices they are all over his paws too!
Apparently SOME ONE left the pantry door open and Vito got in…found the brown sugar…managed to tear it open…and proceeded to eat half the bag!!!

He then threw up three times and needed an emergency bath!



Thank you, Sue VDB and Brenda Cooper.  I will keep Genevieve in my prayers.

I have to share Jackie’s “bad food” experience.  My husband gave me a box of chocolates for Valentines Day which I left on the kitchen table.  Our Boston Terrier, Rocky, will get food no matter where you put it.  He got the chocolates down and they had a feast.  He was fine, but poor little Jackie was vomiting all over when my husband came home.  Emergency trip to the vet, but she was fine.  I, on the other hand, was never allowed chocolate on V Day again!

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