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Sunday, February 21, 2016

All Together Again


Well, we have one last post before our final post. I did not want it left unsaid that Henry is back home. He was able to come home about a week after we let him cross the rainbow bridge. His ashes are with the others. Lou, our bunny, then the pugs: Solsey, then Benny, then Luna and now Henry. They are altogether and back home with us. We are happy to have him back with us where he belongs. The night skies have also brought us a full moon and Jupiter (Luna & Henry) in the evenings. Venus (Benny) is pulling up the rear in the rotation but we will be catching him soon, too. If we need to talk to them we have their ashes, we can look to the sky and of course, they are forever in our hearts. A tattoo is soon to come, of course, too but since that is more about us and less about them, you will just need to visualize the Benny one in the bone outline with Henry's name and on the opposite wrist. Brothers forever. #RIPOBPPugs #PugsForeverStrong #AllPugsTogetherAgain

Lou, Sol, Benjamin, Luna and Henry

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What you’ve done is so very moving and touching.  And yes, not only are they present in your home, but always in your hearts.  The love and the joy and the goodness of those wonderful animals is forever a part of you.


Lori V


Thinking of both of you.

sue wooding


I know all to well the feeling of having them back home its not the way we want them home but it does give us some comfort to have them home I have so enjoyed for many years I always looked foward each day to see what Henry Benny Luna and Sol were up to many smiles laughs and tears will really miss not seeing them



This kind of change is so difficult to adjust to.  Your posts and this site have been quite an inspiration.  Thank you for such heartfelt and humorous writing.  Blessings on the foursome and yourselves.



I’m glad Henry is home with everyone again.  I know that having him home does bring some comfort.  Its a beautiful memorial you have for all of them.  I hope you are all doing well, I know we are all thinking of you both.

Joyce Joy


Thinking of everyone in OBP land.  Lots of love coming your way.



Thank you for sharing them and for all the time you have given to your blog x



This breaks my heart.  I understand the need to have your babies around you.  I do hope that having them all together will bring you some comfort.  Thanks for letting us love all your furbabies.  It’s been a pleasure and an honor.



Words cannot express the joy and the sorrow I have received from your OBP blogs.  It is so hard to realize this is the end of an era. 

The babies altogether again must offer a measure of comfort, and yes you can talk to all of them and watch them in the sky. 

I would like to see your tattoo because it is still part of OBP and a tribute to sweet Henry.

I sincerely hope that one day I will open my email and see a new OBP blog.

Love each other well, and God bless.


Christie Sachde


Still kinda seems surreal to me…but I am glad he is back home with you.

On my way home Saturday night I heard “Heart of rock N roll…I cranked it up in honor of Henry, it will always make me think of him.

Not looking forward to the final post:(

Pam Upshaw


Missing your posts already.  Glad Henry is back home and I pray that you will continue to have their memories and the wonderful videos and pictures that you have from them in your lives.  I see mine in a screen saver slide show we have of a lot of different items from man made to nature and all our fur babies, mainly pugs, because everything they do is like a circus, always center ring, but not usually planned by people.  Two pugs being taken across a fenced yard to a place they did not want to go, was, as my late Father said, “like pushing a chain”.  Memories are wonderful and I hope you will accept our love and comfort for all the blogs that brought such fun and comfort to each of our lives.  Thank you!



Ahhhh…yes. The memories. Good, bad, happy, sad. Even though I was with this pack of pugs most weekday afternoons for the past six years, I still found the need to check in every day to OBP…
As it is in the real world, the pugs, one by one, developed life threatening health issues. Even with the best possible care, and all medications available to help them, we were always aware that the pack would dwindle and eventually all would be on the other side of the rainbow.
That knowledge didn’t make reality any easier to accept.
All of you repeat how lucky they were to have us. I have to add to that: how lucky we were to have them!
The laughter,fun and silliness caused by them was there more often than not. Love bloomed every day.
We kept it all going as long as it was reasonable. When their quality of life demanded the drastic solution we made it. Certainly better that than to have any of them suffer. Allowing their pain and/or agony would have left bitter, shameful memories rather than the years of wonderful, happy experiences.
I wouldn’t trade those for anything. It’s been sweet being Owned By a Pug.



I think Sol is when I started lovingly keeping track of your pug boys and girls. That’s when my little Ozzie was with me, and I sort of compared notes and frequently felt justified in wondering if brushing ten times a day would stop the shedding or if sticking his head out of the car window was dangerous. So many pug memories. Sometimes wondering if it’s all worth it, only to have my heart broken when his was. And to see him sick, then go onto where all good souls go. But HAPPINESS ABOUNDS when I remember the circus tent that was my living room and the warm spot on my hip when I sat down. It was worth it, I’m sure of it.

Brenda Cooper


This was very hard for me to read.. it just doesn’t seem possible. No more OBP. It will take a while to get used to that. I hope you know that in some way, we are all family and for me anyway I have grown very fond of our little OBP family. My first pug, Genevieve, is 14 1/2 now. She has CHF and an enlarged heart so she is not in very good health. When the time comes I told my husband I would have to get another pug. Rescue of course.  Anyway, thank you for letting us be a part of your life for all these years. And thank you sharing your babies with us. You put so much work into the blog and made it look so easy. Love and prayers to you both.



I, too, am deeply saddened by Henry’s passing. It comforts me to know that they are all together again at the Bridge. xo



Oh boy. I’ve never been good and saying what I’m thinking. Everyone else has stated everything so eloquently and truthfully. I totally consider OBP and everyone who reads and comments “family”. God Bless all of us. smile Thank you for sharing your lives with us. You are the best pug folks around. Pug Hugs and love to everyone!!!



I’ve been back here several times reading everyone else’s comments.  It helps.

Grammy made two eloquent points that resonated with me:
    “Love bloomed every day.”
    “It’s been sweet being Owned by a Pug.”

Ah…tomorrow’s going to be hard.  But I think we can all do it.  We’ll do it with love and gratitude and grace.

Mary M.


It broke my heart to read about Henry’s passing, and now to think about OBP coming to an end.  How I loved stopping by everyday to read about puggy antics and read posts from everyone in this online community.  Thank you, Corrine, for sharing all of this with the world,

Joyce Joy


What Mary M. wrote….totally the way I feel.  I will miss this place.  Thank you for sharing your lives with us smile



I feel sick thinking of no OBP. I can’t say more right now. This is all heartbreaking. Missing you Henry…and all of the gang.



i’m at work and i have tears in my eyes reading these last posts.
i’m so sorry for your loss.
even from the other side of the world, i feel we are one big pug community, reunited in this blog and through FB groups…

Susan States


It is hard that all good things come to an end. OBP is the one thing I have always looked at in my e-mails-deleting other e-mails and saving OBP blogs in a special folder. I pray someday in the not to distant future we will read” OBP-The new story of ?. That will be a most welcomed day indeed. For now my prayers are for the OBP family for rest and peace. God bless you for sharing being Owned By Pugs! Pug hugs from pastor sue & the Colorado 3

Minnie, Mack and Mario


Love to all, we’ll miss you.

Minnie, Mack, Mario and Kathy



Thinking of you.

faye and lee and piper and maddie too


So sorry for the loss of your sweet babies.  I am late in my comments, but I have been keeping you in my thoughts.

Sue States


Coming back and reading again-still hoping for the day-totally understanding grief takes time. Prayers for all the OBPers who have also suffered a loss and prayers for healing for the OBP family. Pug Hugs from pastor sue & the Colorado 3



Almost let today, June 12, 2016, slip by.  Today 2 years ago, Baby Benny went to the Rainbow Bridge.  Hope all 4 of you together are having fun.  You are truly missed.

Sue States


RIP Baby Benny! Forever in our hearts. Thank you Sue VDB for the kind reminder of this day! Pastor sue & the COlorado 3 (once again).



I’m so sad to see this. I just recently lost my pug Toby, he was 13.5 years old and we are broken. I’ve been reading your blogs for a long time. Way back when you all had pages and pages of pug pictures that everyone could post. I believe mine was on the first few pages. My home is so quite and we miss our velvet eared snorting boy. Good luck to you guys. It sure has been a fun ride watching your pugs antics while mine played at my feet and by my side

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