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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Eye Oops Final Recap


We are pleased to announce that Henry has been given the 100% healed all clear sign from our vet. It was a couple of weeks ago when we shared that we took our eyes off of him for a quick moment and he walked himself into a tree causing a large corneal scratch. After a few weeks of meds, though, he is back to good eye health. Still blind though. wink Dang! The meds did not fix that! Crappy medications. They don't go above and beyond! They only healed the abrasion! They did not cure his vision! ugh! wink

<#HenryIsHealed #GoodEyeHealthForHank #HenryIsAGoodBoy

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Caption This #374


Please share your comments and quips!

Monday, June 22, 2015

Trip To Gainesville


On a recent trip to Gainesville (Florida), Henry was once again face to face with small children. Reagan, the oldest and her new baby sister (Reese) that just came along a few months ago. Reagan, who also has dogs at home, is a true animal lover. She is a bit of a cat chaser in a cute obsessed sort of way. The home we went to did have a cat but the crowds and Henry scared off the kitty. This left Henry and Reagan together. While there was not a lot of people/dog cuddling on this trip, they were showing each other mutual respect and space.


#HenryIsAHandsomeHunk #ReaganIsAPrettyLittleLady

Friday, June 19, 2015

Ink For Luna


I recently talked about how even though Luna has not been with us for almost a year that I still do not have my tattoo representing her (and it has been almost a year since she has left us). The ink for Solsey and Benny came pretty quickly after their passing. However, the ink for Luna had yet to be completed. Just like Luna in life, she was giving us troubles in her after life. (This is not in a bad way. But Luna was a spicy little girl with a feisty side a mile long! And oh did she give some attitude!) So, ink for Luna has been a long time coming. I emailed my tattoo artist and actually even had a family member attempt to complete some designs. (We had a family member sketch out the bone design we got for Benny.) But nothing was really still hitting home. We do not take this lightly since this is permanent.

Part of the struggle was that there were designs that I liked but it would be hard to incorporate her name with the design. I wanted to keep it simple but not understated. I wasn't sure if I had to have her name in addition to the moon to represent her. I agonized over this (obviously for a very long time). I still had not finally decided until up to the last moment. I emailed the artist, spoke to him on the phone but it was not until working with him during the appointment that I had finally come to my decision. Her name is not incorporated at this point. I can always add it later but for now I am keeping it simple. This was with much consideration and thought that I share the ink for our dearly departed Looney Toons.

For the curious, here is recap of the other inks for pugs past.

Ink for Benny

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Henry’s Ride


It has been a long time in the making and it may only happen when all the stars align, but it seems that we are gaining success on Henry's acceptance of the Stroller. (We still internally call it the Solsey stroller.) But you can tell by this photo, that he was not exactly UNcomfortable!

#Henry'sRidingInStyle #OnePimpingPug #DrivingKingHenry

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Conquering Fears

This video is a true testament as to how far Henry has come. Henry had never been one to shy away from bridges or boardwalks or other unusual flooring conditions. (But boy the same would have given Benny a coronary and sent Luna into a tremble attack.) But Henry has never been a fearful guy and has even enjoyed challenging himself to do daring stunts and adventures. With that said, since Henry's hard year.....he had lost a bit of his mojo. So, that brings us back to the video. You can see Henry working his way across the slatted bridge, He's not confident but even as recently as a month ago he would have gotten to the first slat and put on the pug brakes. (You know what I mean! When if you pulled him, all you would get is his harness coming off over his head like you would take of a t-shirt.)

Anyway, not long ago Henry would not attempt this. Now he's not only attempting but working it out. I am not sure if the sun and the shadows are helpful or harmful to his ability to navigate in this scenario but I'm leaning towards that they are not helpful. We did not record his whole trip across the bridge, but you can tell that he is progressing. A la Henry style: Slow & Steady. I know I keep mentioning this but we have known since puppyhood that Benjamin & Henry were the tortoise and the hare. Benny ran fast and furious and Henry had always moseyed. So, the bright light that was Ben burned out quickly and that is why the continuous warm glow of Henry is still plugging away.

#HenryTheHare #HenryStrong

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Caption This #373


We will be looking out for your captions and comments!

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