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Wednesday, March 18, 2015



The trip to Doris Leeper Park was an effort to tire out Henry so that we could get done some much needed yard work. Henry doesn't really love being in the yard with us anymore when we do yard work (and he doesn't like us to be outside doing it when he is inside alone). So, we try to tire him out ahead of time so that we can get our chores done as a team. And YAY it worked! We will show you some of the things that we were doing in another post but the cool thing about the yard work this time, though, was the PRE yard work.

The evening before doing the yard work, we took a trip to Lowe's to get some supplies and we brought Henry. They let him in (even though they have a sign that says "Service Animals Only"). We tried to wheel him in a cart but he did not really dig that. You could tell that he thought it was his crate on wheels. So, we ended up carrying him most of the trip. It was cool and misty and while we were pretty miserable in the rain, Henry's presence made it fun! We now know that Lowe's is Henry friendly (especially on a rainy Friday night in the garden center when no one else is shopping). But it was another great adventure for Hank the Wonderpug!

#HenryStrong #HenryTheHomeImprovementGuy #HenryTheWetDog

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Caption This #360


Looking forward to your captions in the comments.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Doris Leeper Park


On a recent outing to our most nearby (and old standby and probably our favorite) park (City Center), we met a couple with a blind dog. This dog was an 8 year old female black lab named Roxy. We could not immediately tell that Roxy was blind (which now that Henry is blind we have greater tendency to notice this more). Roxy was walking a quickish pace and seemed confident (traits that have diminished in Henry since his loss of vision). Since Roxy was trotting along we were surprised to learn that she was blind.

This story, however, is not as much about meeting Roxy as it is about a secret place we learned about from Roxy's parents. By the way, Roxy's mom works at the pay booth for our local dog beach and we are glad she told us this since we knew we had seen her a few times before but could not place where we knew her from. Anyway, Roxy's parents told us of a nice walking path where Roxy regained much of her walking confidence. It is a park called Doris Leeper Park. It is not too far from our home but in an area where we don't usually frequent. We have driven by the sign but never really investigated. Well, after hearing about it from Roxy's parents we decided to give it a shot. And boy aren't we glad we did?!

The park is on the small side and it really is just a loop (with a handle). So, what made THIS park so special, though? It was perfect for Henry, that's what! It was the perfect type of terrain, well shaded in most areas and not too long (although we accidentally did make it a little too long by not looking at the map first and choosing the wrong way at the fork in the road, ugh). The fact that this park was not paved and yet was still relatively smooth made all the difference in the world! Henry was able to bob and weave without falling off the sidewalk (and thus not getting discouraged). At this park Henry built up quite a little trot (much like Henry of old). We were able to unleash him which made him feel empowered and proud. No wonder Roxy's parents loved this park! It built confidence in their blind dog and now it was doing the same for ours! HOW WONDERFUL!

Doris Leeper Trail

Doris Leeper Trail

Like I said, we did not initially look at the map, so when it came time to pick a way, we picked the wrong way (and we walked that way for a good distance). When we realized it was the wrong way, we turned around and went back to the split and chose the correct way. It was shortly after that when Henry was in need of being carried the rest of the way. That was fine, though, we are happy to carry him when he gets too tired. But we know that next time we will choose the right way and he for sure will be able to make it the whole distance and that will be an even bigger confidence builder to him.

Doris Leeper Trail

We were lucky to have met Roxy's parents and we are very appreciative to them for sharing their stories and insight. Henry & Roxy are very similar in their needs so to have an area where we can be meeting Henry's needs even better is a true gift for us. #HenryStrongAllDayLong

Friday, March 13, 2015

Cupid Misses Out


We have been working uber hard to get/keep Henry in his "happy" routine that this has meant that Cupid' routine has been a little upended. The morning routine used to include a 10-15 minute stint of her getting her special brushing time. Sadly, now, this time has been the first thing to be sacrificed when we start to slip in Henry's routine or if he gets extra needy. Cupid makes no bones about her displeasure with missing out on her brushing time. She is so smart, though, that she has actually figured out the plan. And the plan is to get Henry settled on his pillow and sneak out of the house right after he is chilling on his pillow.

With this discovery, Cupid has taken to blackmailing and sabotage. On days when she does not get her brushing she will be sure to cause more racket just as Henry is starting to settle. She will meow extra loudly, go in and out of the doggy door causing curious noises to Henry, get up close to Henry and sniff him, "conveniently" be starving and need to eat (her food is near Henry's bed) and this of course creates wafting smells that entice him or worst, she will be sure to poop (disgustingly creating the MOST enticing smell of all for Henry).

Cupid's antics have secured her place in the routine pecking order now, though. We are finding ways to get ALL pet care needs done. She cannot go without her brushing for even ONE day. We will all pay the price if the little girl has been without her luxury.

Seems crazy, though, doesn't it? She LOOKS so sweet and innocent! She has a name equated with LOVE. She is a senior plus. And even with all of these factors, she is still one mischievous and manipulative wittle puddy tat.

#CupidSmartPants #CupidTooBigForHerCalicoBritches #CupidIsASpoon(StiringEverythingUp) #CupidWillNotBeIgnored #CupidStrong

Thursday, March 12, 2015

What?  Whiskers?


Hooray for whiskers! We are so pleased to announce and show that Henry's whiskers are really growing back! We knew that this may not have happened since this is not common post chemotherapy. But maybe since he only had half his prescribed doses, then we got lucky that the whiskers are growing back! This not only helps cosmetically, it helps him to "bring" the smells his way and helps him to sense things hopefully before he bumps into them (and instead of bumping into things).


We are hoping that these close ups will have you focusing on his whiskers and not his yucky dry nose. Boo!

#HenryStrong #WhiskersForHenry #HenryHasWhiskersAgain #ChemoRanItsCourse #CancerFreeHenry

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

More News From the Vet


One day last week we noticed that Henry had a little knot on top of his head. For lack of a better description, it was sort of like a mini version of what Fred Flintstone would get when his bowling ball lands on his head (for those of us old enough to remember when cartoons were actually funny). Anyway, I digress. The bump was not really THAT big, but it was, of course, of concern. We texted our vet who recommended a quick check.

So, off to the vet we went. We actually scheduled Henry's sonogram for this trip too, rather than wait another 3 weeks and take more time off work. So, just trying to kill a couple birds with one stone (although we'd never kill a bird or any animal except maybe a snake---sorry snakes and snake lovers). ANYWAY....by the time we got to the vet a few days later for the knot on his head, it had already shrunk in size substantially. That was a good thing. Our doc explained it was just a cyst and right now there was nothing to worry about it but we will watch it to be sure nothing crazy happens.

The better news, however, was Henry's sonogram. Henry's kidney, liver and spleen all look lovely. And our doc was very impressed with how well Henry is doing. He HAS seen Henry at some pretty low lows so for our doc to say how good he is doing sure means the world. Coincidentally it was our doc's birthday! He was turning 47 and offered us some cake to take home. Sadly we didn't have anything to carry it in or we would have snagged a slab. But there was no way a beautiful piece of cake was getting all the way home unwrapped AND undisturbed by Henry. And Henry had taken bite of that yummy cake we would have had to turn right around and have our doc give us a thumbs down and we certainly DO NOT want THAT!

Yummy Cake

We are just looking for all the #HenryStrongs and #TeamHenrys that we can muster!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Caption This #359


Looking forward to your captions in the comments.

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