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Monday, February 1, 2016

Ask OBP #23

Benjamin, Henry, Luna and Sol

Welcome back to Ask OBP. Today's question comes from Christie. She wants to know if any of our pugs tried to climb into the dishwasher on a mission of getting some bonus goodies. Well, Christie, although we have seen many a dog in a dishwasher doing just this, our pugs have not followed suit. There is a simple explanation for that, however. The reason is that they had already licked the plates and bowls clean prior to being loaded into the dishwasher. So, by the time they make it to the dishwasher there is really no crumb path for them to follow. We of course, would make it easy for them to lick the dregs from the plates so that they would not have to fetch and last licks from the dishwasher. The question is not why wouldn't our pugs climb in the dishwasher, the question would be why WOULD they need to?! Hahahaha!!!! With all of that said, I am sure if we left any drizzles on the dirty dishes, though, Benny would have made his way to both the top and bottom racks. He was a good cleaner upper that way! Even now, it is amazing how our home is so much dirtier without him around to lick up any crumbs from the floors. Pugs are like vacuums for sure! Good question, Christie! It sounds like your pugs may have been busted in the dishwasher a time or two. Is that so? Anyone else have dishwasher bandits?

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They are so focused on that pugkin bread. Poor Benny, he looks so hungry!!!

Minnie, Mack and Mario


Ha ha ha!  We never have crumbs on the floor, anywhere!  All w are great vacuumers.

Mario, our large puggle, is a dishwasher junkie. But since he is so big, he doesn’t need to climb in.  We, particularly, husband, does not like him in the dishwasher, so, Mario never has time to thoroughly clean the dishes.  I just worry about the knives in the silverware holder….

sue wooding


I don’t use a dishwasher as it is only me and the gang but boy do they lick up the floor tables anywhere where there has been food but believe it or not my boxer is worse then the pugs when it comes to finding crumbs



No, we haven’t had that issue. Bennie may have tried a time or two years ago, but I wasn’t keen on his weight on the door. I believe he would have relished the opportunity!



None of my pugs, or other dogs, had that experience, but then I always rinsed the dishes before they went into the dishwasher.

Christie Sachde


Vito has been busted in the dishwasher WAY MORE then just a time or two…our pre-rinse cycle is pretty much a daily occurrence! And it’s not like I don’t rinse the dishes first because I do. I have to say it does make me laugh when I turn my head as I’m doing the dishes and see his little pug butt sticking out of my dishwasher:)

And aren’t you clever letting them clean the plates/bowls FIRST!!!



no pug in our dishwasher, but he does a good job hoovinating the floor   lol

Brenda Cooper


I know you will all feel sorry for me but I don’t even have a dishwasher. My sweet PawPaw told me if I wanted one , we would get one. We have well water and that caused a problem before with a dishwasher. I really don’t care that much cause my pooches do a good job of cleaning off my dishes.

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