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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Finally Friends?

Cupid and Henry

After a few days of virtually being house bound by Henry's eye drop schedule, we were all getting a bit of cabin fever and a little punchy. Henry hung out with us on the sofa. The center cushion is unarguably Cupid's seat. If you are in that seat and she comes sauntering over, well, you just better either scoot over, move to a clamshell chair, the floor or MAYBE, if you put one of her favorite blankets on your lap, she MIGHT sit on your lap. Well, imagine her dismay when she discovered that a passed out Henry had commandeered her spot!

Cupid and Henry

At first she was hot under the collar and gave the stink eye to all in the vicinity. Next, she bit the dust and begrudgingly took the sliver of the center cushion that was still to be had. Ultimately she relaxed some and somehow managed to keep her dignity in tact even while keeping company with a dog! By the end, there were 2 critters on the couch sharing the center square. I am not exactly sure if we can say they are finally friends but at least there was no hissing, no bapping, no barking and all was right with the world for an hour (until it was eye drop time again).

Cupid and Henry

#WasFunWhileItLasted #BingGoesTheTimer #AnHourIsNotLongDependingOnWhatYouAreDoing

Complete sidenote: Today is Luna's Gotcha Day. We reported it was 1/26 but it is 1/29. Simple dyslexic maneuver on our part. Our apologies.

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sue wooding


I love the first picture so cute



This gave me a good chuckle… no hissing, no bapping… let’s hope they are becoming friends.

Happy Gotcha Luna!  xoxo



So Cupid is channeling her inner Sheldon Cooper and “that’s my spot”?  Bazinga!!
So glad there was no punching, kicking, or hair pulling!!

Christie Sachde


How cute…NEVER say NEVER! Henry looks like he is snoozing hard and Cupid looks like she is saying…“Ok, I’ll cut you some slack this time, but don’t get too used to it!!!”

Happy gotcha day Luna…



They secretly like each other. They’re just doing this ‘dogs and cats don’t get along’ thing for our benefit.



Love the pictures.  Do you suppose QP understands Henry is being woke up every hour for eye drops and she feels for him?  Could it be?  Speaking of which, is Henry sleep deprived as well?

Today is the day I have marked on my calendar as Luna’s Gotcha Day, so my thinking I got it marked wrong and find out I am right after all, makes me feel better.  Happy Gotcha Day little Luna. Pug hugs and kisses to you at the Rainbow Bridge. 

Not making fun of you Corrine.  I figure with the everyday challenges you peeps have had to deal with, you just lost track of the dates.



Very sweet and heartwarming!



Sweet Gotcha Day memories of Luna 💗

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