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Monday, July 7, 2014

Windy Day


Right before Benny passed, we had a post about how windy days were his favorite types of days. Well, thanks to Sue VDB Benny may smell all the smells on every windy day now. He will be in the sun and shade (depending on the time of the day) and we still get to see his happy good boy face smiling as we drive up to our home. This flag was a beautiful gift from Sue. She also sent one when Solsey passed.

These flags have offered us much comfort and warm memories. Solsey's flag, now faded from the harsh Florida sunshine, still lays in the pile of various garden flags that we have and while it isn't really in a state where we can display it any longer, we give a good hug when we swap out our flags for holidays or seasonal needs.

This one of Benny will hang, too, until the sun beats it down beyond recognition. But the memories will never fade. Not of Solsey and not of Benny. Forever in our hearts live these precious puggers.

We kind of ruined the surprise of the flag when we posted the 4th of July photo. However, we couldn't pass up having Henry and Luna pose with Benny's flag and the American flags we posted for the holiday.

Again, many thanks Sue who we hope is well on her way to recovery. If you haven't heard, Sue fell and broke her hip. I hear she is doing quite well, but please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy 4th of July

Henry and Luna

Happy Independence Day! I hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Where’s the Beef?


So, not only have we been indulging in retail therapy, the pugs have also been using food as a coping mechanism. (Like pugs don't turn to food for every emotion! LOL)

But we were actually getting a bit worried because Henry was not as interested in eating since Benny's passing. Luna, however, was the opposite. She was all, "Feed the pain! Feed the pain!" Her chant of barks in a succession of 2 3-bark episodes literally sounded like that is what she was saying. After the barks, she would then scurry to the kitchen for more nom noms.

A trip to the local burger shop was one of the car rides and pain pacifiers on tap. We buckled and got Luna & Henry a burger to share. Luna decided this was better than the Big Mac she once craved. She recognized that straight meat is better than any old special sauce, lettuce, pickles, blah blah. Just give her the meat! (*Hmm. Don't say that out loud around a teen aged boy! He would likely get the wrong impression about what type of website this IS! hahahahaha!)


The beef also got Henry back on the eating bandwagon. Hooray for the pugs. They found the beef and are back on track with a more regular eating schedule again. A little more for Henry, a little less for Looney. smile

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Car Ride for 2


In efforts to aid Henry and Luna out of the grieving process, we have been taking some trips outside of the house. The problem is that we have to go somewhere that keeps the AC at 70 degrees or cooler. So, that leaves pet stores for the most part. (There are no indoor, climate controlled dog parks nearby and the ice cream shops are not exactly dog friendly.)

And if we keep taking Luna to pet stores she is going to shop us to the poor house (and we need that dough for their medical expenses--LOL). So, we have been just taking short car rides around town a few days a weeks. We keep them close to home though. Henry still likes to ride with his head out the window so we do still let him even though his blindside is the passenger side. He rarely gets to ride on the driver's side with his head out the window. But since that is the side where he can actually see, we occasionally buckle and let him ride, head out window, on lap of driver. (At least we aren't texting, too!) smile


Luna, on the other hand, is very pleased to be in the back seat and with Henry in the front, now she has the whole back seat to herself. On a particularly unsafe trip, we didn't even put Luna in a harness (with her tags) let alone did we buckle them in with their seat belts. Ugh. Now we are just asking for trouble.

We get a lot of comments about being "good parents" but we can be as irresponsible as the next guy....our halos sometimes get lazy and are then held up by devil horns. Fortunately, we are safe drivers but we also know that we have to rely on the other wackos on the road doing their due diligence. But living in Florida, we know that is no easy request.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Caption This #336

Luna and Henry

Looking forward to your captions in the comments.

Monday, June 30, 2014

The New Normal

Henry and Luna

So, it's been about 2 weeks now since Baby Benny crossed the Rainbow Bridge. While we have thought about the what if's of being down a pug has meant there are things that we hadn't really considered.

One of the main things is what to do when one of them has a "that dog only" appointment or event. For example, Luna will need to go for a recheck to the eye vet soon. Before, we could just bring Luna and the boys would stay home alone but together. They each had a stay home buddy to be with. In the example here, when it's Luna's appointment time, do we take her and leave Henry home alone? Or do we take them both? And what if the roles were reversed. This became a more immediate question recently as Henry was loosely scheduled to attend the Bark at the Park event at our local minor league baseball stadium. Of course, it would have been weather dependent. Being June in Florida, it's hot. Hot for pugs. WAY too hot for Luna and even pretty hot for Henry. But this was something we really needed to think about. As it turns out, it was too hot the day of the event. But the philosophy remained about how to handle these types of scenarios.

We definitely know that Henry cannot be left alone. He already has been wanting to go EVERYWHERE we go (this started even before Benny died). Henry just has a super strong sense of entitlement. He knows he is well behaved enough to go most places and just be a good boy. But there is no explaining that they simply do not allow non-service dogs into the grocery store, at the gym or the mall. He's smart but still not really to be reasoned with.

Luna, on the other hand,has never really given us a fit when one of the other pugs disappears for a short time. Either one of the boys could go to the vet, go see Grammy, enjoy a ball game or even just run to the mailbox without her batting a dry eye. But we never had to try leaving her home alone. (Insert Macaulay Culkin Home Alone face and scream here.) We really are not sure what she would do. She might continue to live in oblivion or she may go the route of her internal feisty self and pitch a fit, grumbling, barking and giving the air a "what for" attitude.

Henry and Luna

This leaves the question of do we even chance it? We don't want to get Luna all worked up (which could possibly be to a point of no return for her) and we already know that we cannot leave Henry alone, for sure. So, I guess, we have solved the problem. Either they both go, or neither of them go. So, it's the new dynamic duo now. They will do all things altogether.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Let’s Go Shopping!

Henry and Luna

Since Benjamin's passing, we have been trying to help the pugs's spirits. Since Henry has been down in the dumps and Luna's been extra feisty, we figured we should do something that would appeal to them both.

We know Henry loves car rides, but, anywhere we take them must be well air conditioned, so we opted to go to the pet store! This got them out of the house, got Henry a car ride and gave Luna some mental stimulation that she has so desperately needed.


We let them pick out some chewies and even gave them a little push in a little buggy. There was literally a little buggy there! They had a child sized shopping cart. This was perfect for Luna. Since we didn't trust her to be smart enough not to jump out of it we didn't leave her in there for long. Just long enough for the photo opportunity.

Oddly enough the area of the pet store they enjoyed the most was the fish department! Luna wanted to bring home a pet of her own and she even promised to feed it and take care of it and love it but we vetoed her choice of what to buy. Sorry Looney, you are going to have to pick out some non-living item to bring home. So, she picked a variety pack of compressed rawhide and seemed content with that.

Meanwhile, Henry was more looking for where he could "leave something" instead of "pick up something" if you know what I mean. smile

He got so excited that we had to take him outside so he could leave behind some bodily fluids and solids instead of making a deposit inside the store. There's Henry! Keeping up what once was a Benny only tradition! Attaboy, Hank!

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