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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Caption this #372


Looking forward to your quips and comments.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Back to the Beach


Having Henry as an only dog now should, in theory, mean that things are easier. Right? One dog vs. 3 or 4 dogs should mean that things are easier. This is sometimes true and sometimes not true. Where it is the most true, though, is at the beach. Taking Henry to the beach vs. taking 3 or 4 dogs to the beach is considerably easier. This is one of the reasons we now are able to visit the beach so often. The fact that Henry has always been the most fond of the beach does not hurt his case for wanting us to take him, either.

What made this trip to the beach especially nice, though, was there was Luna high in the sky. Not quite a full moon but just shy of being full. And there was Henry, being "followed" by her sister like old times. At this particular time, both the sun (Solsey) and the moon (Looney) were shining brightly, as well. Sadly we don't have any specific celestial being to represent Benny boy in this scenario but he, of course, is ever present in our heart the way the rest of them are. Right now Benny is inked on us, too. (Soon Luna will be, as well but I have been struggling with exactly how I want the artwork to look.) So, for now, we rely on our ink for Solsey and Benny but have to rely on the moon in the sky for our Looney.)

It was a beautiful night, though to have Henry and Luna together on the beach.

Friday, June 5, 2015

An Eye Oops


Last week, we took Henry on our nightly walk. (Every weekday starts with a drive to City Center and a short walk and every night ends with a drive to one of our many parks for another walk---but never the same park 2x in a row.) Anyway, since this was a "weekend day" (technically it was Memorial Day but it was a non work day) we did not begin the day with a trip to City Center but we did end the day there. City Center is a park that has many different paths and the paths are generally wide and Henry tends to navigate them very well. Well, the fact that he is getting more confident means we can be a little more relaxed with his abilities. However, it was our recent relaxing from over protection to just moderate protection that brought us to where we are now. Henry plowed into a tree. Now he has a significant abrasion to his cornea. Since he is blind he obviously runs into stuff (and it is our duty to try to prevent this and on this occasion we did not do such a hot job). We usually do an adequate job of helping him avoid crashing and bumping, though and he has been doing a good job on his own of navigating and approaching with caution.

Well, on this day, the OBP peeps simultaneously spied a beautiful young fluffy black chow mix pup. He had the breed classic black tongue and was simply gorgeous. Of course, at that very moment, boom! Smack into a tree went Henry. (Was it Kamikaze style because we were admiring the youth and health of another?! Yikes!) In any event, immediately after he was unable to open his eye and appeared disoriented. We worked with him to walk off what could be walked off and then texted our vet in the mean time to see what could be done about the eye until we could get him to be seen (first thing the next day).

Cut to the following day, after the vet and finally home: Henry is on 5 different meds for his eye (and it is really not good and will be slow healing---not like when Benjamin and Luna have had this same thing when they each had a little scratch at one point or another--this time, with Henry, there is like a little chunk of eye missing). So, we are doing our best to nurse it back to health and he seems a bit more comfortable except when we are actively nursing it (i.e. applying meds).

We had to go back to the vet 48 hours later to see if was healing and did show some minor improvement be we knew it would be slow to heal. We have to go back again early next week and if he is not improving as we need, then we will take Henry to the big dogs an hour away (the eye specialist---where we are debating if we should have gone there first---but the first day from a holiday weekend....we were not sure if they would have been able to squeeze him in, etc). So, we will see what next week holds. In the mean time, he doesn't seem in much discomfort (until we dose him) and he's only a little more clumsy in his navigation, so we are just trying to hang on to hope that this does not turn out bigger than it is already. We will keep you posted but Henry is kind of straddling the side line for now.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

More Car Rides


We've posted photos and videos of Henry loving car rides. Well, these photos were taken from a slightly more risky angle. The iphone was outside the car window, while the car was moving! We have been trying to capture how the wind lifts Henry's jowls up and gives him a particularly silly (and actually gruesome) face! We have not yet been able to capture this on camera, but we will keep trying.


And for those of you with a very keen eye to detail, yes, the car is red. It was a loaner while the white Subaru Outback was in the shop for some tweaking to some sensors. And if you did catch the color change on the automobile, go you! If you did not notice, do not feel bad. Henry looks good no matter which color car he is framed in.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Front Yard Chillin’


One of the main things we used to do daily was have "driveway time" with the pugs. This has been something Henry has not really enjoyed again until lately and this is still slow to come back---he barely likes it anymore but this was a rare moment. It was a special day, though, I guess, we had just cut the grass, the wind was blowing just hard enough not to be gusty and the mood hit Henry. So all the stars were in alignment and Henry got busted enjoying driveway time. I guess it is not really fair to say "driveway" since technically he parked himself in the grass. So really it was front yard time. But no matter what you call it, Henry is inching back into a world of happiness. Some days are still, of course, better than others, but overall his spirits are getting high. (Did I just say my dog was getting high?! #NotWhatIMeant)

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Caption This #371


Please share your comments & quips.

Monday, June 1, 2015

A Boy and his Beach


As spring is in the air and the heat of summer seeps in, we have been trying to get Henry to the dog beach a little more often than we used to go when we had a houseful of pugs. Henry has always been the one to truly appreciate the beach experience and this has continued and is being revitalized (as Henry himself is has begun recharging). While there was nothing particularly noteworthy about his trip, we did get a few photos that were nice. This photo popped out as a special one, though. If you look closely, you can see Henry and his reflection in the damp sand.

There stands a beautiful boy and a great backdrop. #Who'sAHandsomeBoy? #HenryIsABeachBum #GottaLoveThatPug!

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