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Monday, January 25, 2016

Ask OBP #22

Benjamin, Henry, Luna, Sol and Cupid

This week's ask question comes from Sue W who wants to know if our pugs ever got into a tiff. She indicated that her gang gets along well most of the time, but every once in a while they don't see eye to eye.


Good question, Sue. Our group, whether it be the 2 originals (B&H), the tribe of 3 (B, H &L) or the full brood of 4 (B, H, L & S) have only on rare occasion not gotten along well. The biggest incident was when Solsey bullied all the others for their knuckle bones. They each had their own knuckle bones, but Solsey grew a little obsessed by them and literally went over to each dog and stole their bone and brought it back to her space until she had 4 large bones of her own. We had only discovered what the problem was when we noticed that Sol was stock piling them and Benny was whimpering trying to get his back. Sol would NOT allow this. It wasn't until the peeps stepped in and reminded otherwise sweet Solsey that there was a one bone per customer rule in the OBP home. It was likely she had never experienced such bone joy so we let her be excited but did need to control her exuberance.

There were a few other times when the boys were not ready to make a bone trade off and the not ready pug would give a little warning growl to back away. And then there would be times when Luna would be "mad" at Henry for not engaging in play and fuss at him in order to get his attention. But overall, the 2, 3, 4,3, 2 of them have really been good buddies for their whole lifetime of togetherness.

Great question, Sue! We are pleased to hear that it sounds like the same is true in your home. And isn't that the case with pugs? They are pretty much everyone's best friend.

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Even the best have their moments, and thus it is with pugs.

Christie Sachde


Our three get along fine for the most part. However, Olive does have a bit of a problem when it comes to Luigi…because Luigi is blind and has muscle atrophy with his back legs, you have to pick him up and put him on the coach or chair next to you…you have to pick him up to put him on the bed…you have to pick him up to take him up and down the stairs…etc. This seems to really piss off Olive, I guess she thinks he is getting more attention or something I don’t know. But she makes this noise that makes her sound like a Tasmanian devil whenever you pick up Luigi and then she proceeds to jump up and try to bite at his paws!!!

She did actually try and get the food out of Luigi’s bowl one time but he was having none of that and let her have it…she hasn’t tried since;)

sue wooding


Thanks for answering my question sometimes my pugs will bully Baxter my boxer and he is such a sweetheart he just gives them a funny look and they back off



I just love hearing stories about the days of Benjamin, Henry, Luna and Sol!  This one about Solsey collecting/stealing everyone’s knuckle bones is so funny and sweet!

Even a pug can get a bit miffed once in awhile.  We’re luck enough to have my son and DIL’s pug stay with us frequently, and occasionally Normie and Bennie fuss at each other.  It always seems to be Ben’s fault - he gets worried that Norm might get one extra bit of kibble or whatever.  Which would be a disaster, I think everypug could agree.




Hank I’m praying for you. It was hard for me to read and imagine your troubles. You are STRONG and will overcome! Love you handsome boy!



Hi, I have a question!  I know that you prepare food isntead of buying dog food and I was curious as to what meals you make as “staples” and how that compares calorie wise to dog food (if you know).  Whenever we have chicken or fish that we aren’t goign to eat we cook it and give some in supplement to the dogs food thinking that it’s better quality protein than the regular dog food, but wasn’t quite sure. How do you find your recipes?

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