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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Henry Health Update


We've been procrastinating about sharing an update on Henry's health. Mainly putting it off since there is not a lot of great news to share. We are biting the bullet and sharing now.

Henry's troubles started shortly before Christmas. He had an IBD flare up. He started having several rounds of very bad poops. On our 1-10 scale, it was ranging in the 2-4 area. And we know that when his poops are that bad that his protein levels also move down the scale to a very low number. And drop they did. We felt that the "better" food we moved him to had triggered this reaction. We made some vet recommended moves and also made an executive decision. Our vet put Henry on a very upped dose of Prednisone and another gut specific steroid (I forget the name). High level pred for a couple weeks and the other med forever. We had 2 options for a food change. We tried one and it was an epic fail and then we tried a second option and it seemed to work at least as well, if not better than the original vet prescribed food. The food changes were without vet consent.

After a few days on the failed food, we moved to the food that he is on now. It seems to be working (at least in conjunction with the change in meds). His poops were for sure getting better and for the first time since months before losing his kidney, he had his first 9 poop! (And has had a few 9's since then but mostly 7's with a few 2's thrown in there every once in a while). This is MUCH better than the 5's he'd been averaging over the year plus time we've been trying to manage this. However, here is the dark cloud portion of that silver lining. Large doses of pred are HORRIBLE for Henry's brain. Our neurologist would be upset to know that he has to be on such a high level of pred. Essentially, what is good for Henry's belly, kills his brain and what is good for his brain, kills his belly. So, this is the tightrope we have been walking for over a year now.

And it seems that the pred, while was giving him much better poops (even though his protein levels were not even increasing) has finally caught up to him. We believe that he has suffered another brain set back. The weekend of 1/9/16, we noticed the following: his cognitive issues have spiked (his confusion has elevated, he is getting lost in our home, struggles to find the front door both going out and coming back inside) and probably even worse, he is shaky on his legs (mostly just when on a slippery tile floor but also when on carpet, concrete or grass but not nearly as bad as when on tile). There was an episode that was seen on the camera when we were not home where he could not stand up from a laying position because he could not get traction. He howled for help and no one was there. It was heartbreaking. Peep #2 was on the way home and got there quickly to help but it was still a tough one to watch.

Since then, we have been able to lower his pred some (but no noticeable change just yet). He has been slow to rebound, is still kind of wonky both mentally and physically. We are hopeful that we can continue to do our best so that he can still maintain a solid quality of life. It's been a rough month or so for him, but he is still loving his car rides and getting his sniffs, so we will keep on keeping on until Henry lets us know what else he needs. We are often reminded that he is on borrowed time already and we intend on having a high credit limit as far as that is concerned. #HenryStrong #HIPPARulesDontApplyAtOurHouse #HenryHasThis

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Walking a tightrope is a good analogy for the many difficulties you have to consider in helping Henry in the best ways possible.  Hardest of all must be the ever-changing reactions that Henry has.  What worked several months ago, isn’t necessarily working now.  I’m just so sorry that hardship is piled upon hardship.

It would be truly horrible to see and hear Henry howling for help when you’re not home.  Both for Henry AND his loving peeps.  Mobility problems just stink!




Pug love and virtual hugs to you from me and my Henry in Michigan.  That sounds really hard, but with all the love and care in your family, you are doing your best and that’s all you can do.  I hope H improves, and that some sort of “happy medium” can be found with the meds.  <3 Hank!

Marcia Martin


I am so sad reading about Henry’s health.  He will be in my prayers



Love you Henry.  <3 from me and Gracie

Joyce Joy


We love you Henry.  Stay strong.  I know you are all doing everything you possibly can do for Henry.  I’m sending you lots of virtual love and hugs today.

sue wooding


I know this must be so hard you are doing all you can for him you are such a loving family I hope Henry does better Henry strong

Christie Sachde


Henry-I wish I could reach in to that pic and give you a hug and kiss on your little pug head:) I wonder if peanut butter would be a good protein for him to absorb easily??? My mom is 80 and I know they recommend it for the elderly because it is a good protein??? The howling really is just horrible…we have some of those issues with Luigi because of his leg atrophy and blindness:( I will continue to pray…

Mary M


Will send many prayers for Henry and his peeps.  I am continually amazed at the love and care that you give to Henry ( and to all his siblings in the past); you should get some sort of Saint Francis award!!❤️

Brenda Cooper


I’m so sorry to hear this… I can only imagine what y’all are going through right now. Henry has had the best care a little pug could ever have. As well as his brother and sisters. I know you don’t like us saying stuff like that, but it’s true. All you can do is the best you can do everyday. And you both surely do that. Still sending love and keeping Henry and his peeps on our prayer list.



My heart dropped to my toes reading this.  But #HenryStrong says so much about this sweetie.  I can only imagine the devastation watching Henry howl for help.

I know only too well the perils of prednisone.  My husband was on it for years and was never able to get off it, and took its toll.  It is one of those drugs that is good and bad, as you well know.

God bless the OBP family as you deal with yet another trial.  Know you are all in my prayers.  You are doing the very best for Henry that you can, even though the worries must take a toll on both of you as well. ‘

♥ Sue VDB



Prayers and love to Henry and his family.

Minnie, Mack and Mario


Many hugs and prayers for Henry and his family.  We understand the struggles you are facing for Henry and now that peace will come to both.

Jennifer Davis


I love you Hank.  Keep up the good fight buddy and I’m sending you all the good juju I can muster.  <3

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