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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Chewing Time


Henry has taken up chewing again every now and then. There are still a handful of chewy sticks in his toy bin that he's taken a liking to. Again, while this is not ideal for his belly issues, it truly helps his PM anxiety issues and for his head, chewing out his stress seems a lot better for him than pacing which does not seem to take the edge off him the way a good chewy stick does. He also seems to walk around with it in his mouth as much as he ever did, too. The boys used to do this when they were younger. Benjamin & Henry often were in sync when it came to chewing. They would both have a bone and when they tired of that specific bone they would look at each other and switch. If, however, they were not ready to switch and the other one seemed to be ready, the not ready to switch one would take their bone to another spot to chew (often where the other could not be seen). Sometimes, they would need a drink of water and not want to give up their bone, so they'd bring the bone to the water bowl, drop it right next to the bowl, keep one eye on it while lapping up their beverage and then pick up the bone after they quenched their thirst. If the other attempted to snag the bone while the other was lapping water, the water drinker would for sure stop short, give the bone thief some lip and pick up the bone that they had left. Leaving the pug ready to switch chewies with the same old chewy he had been chewing (and an exercise in patience).

While Henry is no longer in danger of losing his chewy stick, he still carries it around with him when not actively chewing. We think that maybe he realizes that even though no one is going to snag it, he may either forget where he put it or put it down and not be able to get back to it because he cannot see exactly where he put it. So, he just keeps it near until he's done with it. Whatever the reason, it for sure never gets old to us to see him walking around with a chewy hanging out of his mouth.

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i LOVE that Henry has taken up chewing again!  It’s just great that it helps with anxiety, and it has the added bonus that he’s adorable with it hanging out of his mouth!

Except it does look kind of like a cigar!


Joyce Joy


Henry seems to be saying….Hey Doc, whassup????  What a great picture of Handsome Hank.



Handsome Hank for sure!!!!



Love this story.  The chew stick may not be the best for his belly, but it also may help if it relieves stress.  We all know stress can reek havoc on our systems.  Who knows, Henry may know best.

Christie Sachde


I love this pic…Henry looks like he is chill’in:) I think the reduction in stress that the chewing provides cancels out the bad belly stuff the chewie has!

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