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Tuesday, January 19, 2016


For the stalkers out there, we have changed our walk schedule and now we are unpredictable! LOL! But included in our nightly walk rotation, the local Petco is a top favorite of Henry's. It is well lit, has "wide sidewalks" and lots of good smells. It doesn't hurt that every once in a while he comes home with a special treat. On one recent trip Henry was knocking over EVERYTHING on EVERY low shelf possible. It started in the fish department where he knocked the fake plants off the shelf. Then he moved to the cat area where the next items to topple were grow your own catnip containers and a few anti-urine bottles. He finally made his way to the doggie aisles where he knocked off dog biscuit boxes by the dozen. Peep #2 was letting Henry explore as Peep #1 became a valued Petco team member and began reassembling the store (in some cases leaving it better that Henry found it!).

It did not even dawn on us to try to record Henry's wreckage of the store. Honestly, we were too busy laughing and laughing so hard that was not only Henry's mess that almost needing cleaning up! We almost left a clean up of the wet variety we were laughing so hard! At last it dawned on us that we should capture this for the blog! (So many things like this come to us as an afterthought! After 10 years of blogging, one would think we would be more cognizant of such events!)

Finally we pulled ourselves together and managed to start recording. Well, what does the little stinker do? Make us look like total liars and go down aisle by aisle and not knock one single thing over! We truly wonder if Henry has all his faculties and can understand every word we say. Literally, as soon as we hit record he sniffed around like he was the ideal shopper. Go figure! So here is the video clip of him being a good boy. He did get a beef esophagus that day (which will likely be another blog unto itself. There is kind of a story behind it.)

Another side note....there were 2 ferrets there for the longest time. We were happy to learn that they got a home together just in time for Christmas. smile

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Minnie, Mack and Mario


LOL, of course Henry would be good for the camera!  He is experienced in the paparazzi following him!

Joyce Joy


Henry you are little conniver!!!  But, such a cute one.  You are the best!  Thanks for the smiles OBP land smile



This is a great story!  Henry rocks at Petco!!

Brenda Cooper


I’ve decided our furbabies will make liars out of us just like my human kids would.



Good to know that if Peep #1 wants to change careers, Petco will be ready and waiting!

I expect Minnie, Mack and Mario is correct.  Henry is well aware when the paparazzi pulls out their clicky thing.  He doesn’t want “his” public to see anything that would tarnish his image.  But tell Henry not to worry about that.  We love him, and nothing could tarnish THAT!!!




Henry stole the show once again.  I can imagine him knocking everything off the shelves, and of course then be the best little boy while the camera is focused on him.  I also love how he goes from one place to the other as if he is contemplating his shopping choices. 

Henry, you are definitely my laugh for the day.  #HenryRocks

Christie Sachde


Well, at least you got a good laugh out of Hurricane Henry;) And I bet he knows exactly what he’s doing;)

sue wooding


Henry knows when the camera is running smart little puggy



Funny story and great video. We can’t stop watching it!

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