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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Broken Canine


Shortly after sharing the post about Henry's Teefers last week, Henry started chewing a chewy stick and snapped off one of his canine teeth almost at the gum line. Ugh. I say one of his canine's but the truth is that it is his last of his 2 canine teeth. He did the same thing on the other side about 5 years ago. We heard the tooth snap and it startled him, but fortunately it has not seemed to bother him (and neither has the other one, thank goodness!) There was a time when the vet was worried that the tooth would need to come out but fortunately that never came to fruition. So, we will keep an eye on his mouth, now, too. This kid has enough strikes against him, can he please catch a break?! He has been trying to swap chewing for pacing in the evening and now this may put the kibosh on that!

At first we could not even find where the tooth landed but after sifting through vacuum dust we found it. We were a little surprised how white it still was. And again, thankfully, he is still able to eat and seems to be having no real troubles with the broken canine. #HenryStrong #ThisTooShallPass

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For Pete’s sake!  I feel the same way, can’t this kid catch a break?

I hope that he continues to cope with it easily.  Henry is one tough cookie!




He’s a trooper!

Joyce Joy


Please catch a break Henry…you so deserve it, and so does everyone in OBP land…Keep on being strong Henry.



oh my!  :(  What next??



I am speechless, and truly do not know what to say.  #HenryNeedsABreak






I think I’m gonna go with what Sleighbelle said!  (Unless Henry shows there’s reason to reconsider.)

Christie Sachde


Boy…that toofer IS REALLY white!!! Similar thing happened with Olive…she loves to play tug with my husband…ended up “tugging” one of her teeth right out! I found it on the carpet! Didn’t slow her down one bit.

And this summer Vito ended up with a gum infection and had 12 teeth pulled…he adjusted quickly! I think we were more upset about it than he was!

Brenda Cooper


As long as it doesn’t bother him, I guess all is good. Poor Henry, though. Hope he can still do some of his soothing chewing.



Stick to applesauce, Henry! smile  #HenryStrong

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