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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Cat NOT Chlllin’ in the Car


Yesterday, we saw how Henry rode home from the vet. Today, we see how Cupid did. Usually she does a very good job in the car and not that she didn't this time, but she was a lot more wiggly and impatient for the ride home this time. Part of her attitude probably comes from that her thyroid is back out of whack. We are adjusting her meds and will recheck again in 45-60 days. In any case, Henry was chill in the car, the cat not so much.



#cupidstrong #T4toohigh #QPisoffabitfornow

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Sue (Pen & Lucy's Mommy)


Hahaha!!! The bottom picture made me laugh out loud! “I just can’t even look at you right now.”



I’m sorry that her thyroid is out of whack.  That stinks!

From my experience with taking our cats in the car, it looks to me like Cupid is an angel! 




Anything would seem stressed out compared to Henry’s picture yesterday! Two cuties each with their own style.  #viveledifference #qpstrong

Mary M.


Cupid is such a pretty kitty!

Christie Sachde


Boy…kinda looks like she is blowing you off like a bad cold in that last pic;)

Brenda Cooper


My kitty Tiger that we had many years ago would dive under the front seat. It would take every ounce of my much younger energies to get him out. This was in the early 70’s and I had no pet carrier. We didn’t need one normally, he always seemed to know when we were going to the vet and acted accordingly.



oh.. no chillin for QP!

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