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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Stroller Chillin’


Since Henry has been under the weather, he's not been up to walking much. So, we've been taking him out in the stroller. He doesn't really like the stroller either, though. This has worked in our favor. We load him in the stroller and walk a few short blocks and then he demands to get out. Then he walks home in a huff as though he was never even in said stroller. We call this his walk of indignation. We stroll him until he becomes indignant, let him out then he struts home.


This pattern had been working pretty well. That is, until the weather got pretty chilly here in Florida. Once the temps fell to the 40's and 50's he didn't want to walk that much. That was a bit concerning, too, since Henry has always been a cool weather walker. We kind of thought the cold would improve his walking desire and ability. Nonetheless, the more walks like this we took the more we realized that the stroller usage might have started to back fire on us. Henry started to really embrace the stroller. You can see in this photo he is one passed out pug! On the day that the photo was taken, his passed out status did not last all that long, though. That day we walked the 2 mile neighborhood loop and he ended up walking about a half mile total. That is max walking distance these days. Typically he gets in about 4-6 houses and back. So, the stroller has been helpful in inspiring him walk and working against us in the fact that now he is taking advantage! But of course that is ok. We don't mind. Henry is a good boy deserving of any happy times he can get.

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Minnie, Mack and Mario


Sweet, sweet Henry!  We have a similar stroller for our Mack. He rides in it like he is King of the Neighborhood.  There is a 1/4 mile loop around one of the ponds, so out of the stroller for Mack, and he walks anywhere between 1/3 of the loop and on good days, the entire loop.  Then back into the stroller for his ride around the rest of the neighborhood.  He doesn’t mind that Minnie and Mario hoof it all the way around.
Mack has always been a slower walker than the others, since he has to stop at leave a calling card at each and every opportunity!  Mario leaves plenty of calling cards but never as many as Mack!!  Minnie is our speed walker, she just wants to get to it.



I think Henry’s mind is whirling to see what he can do to make you jump again. 

However, with Henry’s condition, like a lot of us, we have good days and bad days and we learn to go with the flow, and Henry seems to have that as well.

Susan States


Henry looks miffed in the first pic then cozy/comfy in the second-I like the second one seeing Henry so relaxed a joy. Pug hugs from pastor sue & the Colorado 3

Christie Sachde


Henry, you look so cute cruisin’ in your ride:) Just had a thought…do you guys have the little carrier that you can attach to the back of a bike-it has wheels and you can zip the top shut if you want??? We have one for our kidz…my husband puts it on the back of his bike and off he goes!

Brenda Cooper


I thought Henry didn’t look very happy in the first pic, either. Maybe he was just getting settled in cause he looks totally comfy in the other picture.



I think Sue VDB is right.  We humans have good days and bad days, and certainly our beloved pugs can too.  I hope/pray that explains his disinterest in cooler weather walking.  But you are right, and if Henry is “playing you” to get rides instead of walks, so be it!  He is such a good boy and deserves any pleasure you can give him!

Walk of indignation!!!  You crack me up!


Jennifer Davis


I need one for Jade.  She makes it halfway through our 3/4 mile walk and starts lagging behind, but chugging as fast as she can.  I don’t want her to waste the steps she has left, so I carry her home.  Gladly.  Gives me more time to hug her.  She’ll be 13 this spring and I’ll gladly carry her as far as she will go!




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