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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Nurse Cupid


Cupid hasn't been quite as glued to my side as Henry has been, but I can't sell her helpfulness in my recovery short. She did give me a most awesome leg massage right above my knee that surprisingly felt good. She has also been crucial in me learning to get around on crutches (which means she has tried to kill me several times). She loves to weave in and out while I am walking and if I take too long of a break, she will continually rub up against my crutches to urge me on. Everyone has been able to help in their own special way.

Side note, notice Henry is photobombing this shot will just the tip of his tail wink

Monday, September 8, 2014


Cupid and Henry

This picture was taken a few days after Henry's first round of chemo when he wasn't feeling so great and might just prove that Cupid has some sympathy for good ole Hank.

Normally, Cupid will begrudgingly lay on the sofa with Henry, but Cupid's number one rule is no touching. But on this occasion, Cupid cut Henry a little slack and happily slept with him, even touching him, in hopes of helping him feel better.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Brain Games


On our last visit to the pet store, Henry and I struck a compromise and we left with neither a fish nor a dog bed. Instead we bought a brain game. The one we bought has 3 different games that are all a variation of hiding a treat. One involves turning over little cups to reveal a treat, the other moving a disc to reveal the treats and the third requires the pooch to slide the cups to get the treat.

We thought this game might be fun for Henry and would requiring a little bit of thinking which would be a good thing. The easiest game seemed to be the one where you knock over the cup to reveal the treat. So we loaded up the game with treats and added the cups. To help Henry get the hang of things we even put treats in the open spaces. Freebies so to speak to get him interested.

Here's Henry's first attempt at the game.

Henry quickly eats all the "free" treats. He knows that there are more treats under the cups, but in typical Henry fashion, he decides he better hang back and ask for permission to eat the cover treats. He wouldn't want to cause a ruckus.

While Henry was waiting around for someone to uncover his treats, the cat became pretty interested in the game. So we gave her a turn. She certainly wasn't waiting for permission to eat the covered treats. She managed to figure out how to slide the green circle to reveal little bits of hidden roast beef.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Pillow Queen


Move over Pillow King! The Pillow Queen has arrived!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Happy Cupid


Santa brought Cupid some cat grass for Christmas that I somehow forgot about. When I stumbled upon the cat grass again, I decided to make it for her to enjoy. Cupid has a way of being impatient and not letting the grass fully grow before she plucks it from the soil, so I added the necessary water and put the grass on a table that Cupid could not get to so the grass had time to fully grow.

A few days later, the grass had sprouted and Cupid was meowing her head off wanting me to put the grass in her reach. The grass had grown considerably so I let her have it. She then spent a considerable amount of time licking the grass blades. I'm not really sure what goes through her head, but she's happy so I'm happy.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine’s Day

Henry and Cupid

Happy Gotcha Day, Cupid! 14 years ago we sprung this mischievous kitty from the pound.

It might be Valentine's Day, hence the name Cupid, but don't let the sweet look of this picture fool you. Poor Henry has to share his favorite spot with Benjamin and Luna and now Cupid wants in on the action.

Cupid, has been laying on the sofa recently, but unlike Benjamin and Luna she isn't quite as willing to share. When she gets on the sofa, she lets Henry know which cushion he is allowed to use and if he so much as looks at her there will be consequences to pay. Poor Hank!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Technically not a Dog Bed


I had a moment of weakness a few weeks ago and broke down and bought another dog bed. The justification behind this bed is that it is unlike any of the other beds we already have. It is raised and much firmer and I thought it might be kinder on the pugs' aging bones.

However, from the moment we assembled it, the cat has claimed it. She loves to lay on top of the bed and you can frequently find her sleeping underneath the bed.

And since the cat has taken ownership of the bed it is technically a cat bed and not a dog bed. wink

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