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Monday, March 23, 2009

Free Ride

Sol in her pouch

We try very hard to make sure the pugs get in one very good walk per day.  They are always out and about during the day, walking to the mailbox or just taking a quick trip to the corner and back, but in the evenings we like to take them on a nice, long walk that is about a mile or longer.  When we first got Sol I wasn’t sure how well she would do with our walking schedule.  Don’t get me wrong, she loves to get out for a walk, but she by no means has the endurance of Benjamin, Henry & Luna.  We didn’t want to start a routine where we walked her separately.  She wasn’t too fond of being left at home while the three fawns went out for a stroll and that idea didn’t sit well with us either.  Then we remembered a pouch that we had bought many years ago when the boys were puppies.  Our solution was to let Sol walk as long as she wanted and then when she tired we would put her in the pouch for the rest of the walk.  That way she gets in her walk and still gets to be with the pack and the boys and Luna still get their power walk.

It has turned out to be the perfect solution because Sol loves the pouch.  She just sits in there with her little paws hanging over the edge taking in all the sites and smells.  The good part is that Sol is up to about a half mile walk a day.  If the weather is just right she will walk the full mile, but she by no means does this every day.  A half mile seems to fit her well and she is very content trotting along behind the three fawns.  As soon as we see her start to tire we plop her in her pouch and continue on our walk.  Relieved to be done with walking, Sol relaxes and smells and snorts the rest of the way home.

Sol in her pouch

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