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Monday, January 29, 2007

Happy Birthday, Luna!

Happy Birthday Luna

One year ago today we adopted Luna from Compassionate Pug Rescue.  Since we don’t know when Luna’s actual birthday is, we decided that we would celebrate her adoption day as her birthday.

To celebrate we ordered her a little cake that was topped with yogurt frosting.  We didn’t invite any of Luna’s neighborhood pals over for the celebration.  The good news about having two pug brothers is there is always a party.  As soon as we brought the cake out of the box, everyone was on the scent and totally intrigued.  They never had a treat that looked like this before.  They quickly hopped up into the birthday seat and they all gazed at the cake.  The anticipation was getting the best of Henry.

Eying the cake

Before we let anyone indulge in the cake we tortured them with pictures.  What is a birthday without a picture of the birthday girl in her birthday girl t-shirt?

The Birthday Girl

At first, we were going to cut up the cake and give each pug a little square.  But then we thought we would go a little bit crazy and just turn the pugs loose on the cake.  Of course we wouldn’t let them eat the whole thing, but we thought it would be fun to watch them dive in and get their share.  Since Luna was the birthday girl, we gave here first crack at it.  She was a little lady and started working on the frosting first.

Luna eating her cake

Then we released the boys and that is when Baby Benny went to town.  All three had a lot of fun diving in getting their share.  Needless to say, there was cake and icing everywhere, but Luna, Benny & Henry all had fun and we laughed so hard watching them eat it.

After we felt they had their serving we took the extra away.  Poor Benny looked so sad.  He really thought we were going to let him eat the whole thing.  Oh, Benny, you’re such a silly boy!

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