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Monday, September 19, 2011

Bath Time

Luna and Henry

Just before kickoff on Sunday, the pugs had the pleasure of getting a bath. Henry is pretty impartial to baths, but Luna and Benjamin find them completely unnecessary.

After his bath, Henry was checking himself out in the mirror to see just how handsome he is. Luna, had just finished looking at herself in the mirror and determined that she in fact did not need a bath.


After Benny's bath, he immediately tried to get some dirt back on him. And of course he ran around the house like a wild man.

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Henry you are such a handsome boy and Miss Luna you do not look to happy about your bath Benny is so cute running around my gang do the same thing even after they go in there doggie pool its races around the yard



This is so funny. Henry and Luna you are both beautiful and I’m sure, super soft. Benny, you make me laugh. Pip rubs his face on the floor too after his bath. Pugs are funny that way.

Any updates on Peanut? Still praying.

Pug Hugs to all from Gina & Pip



Corrine ~ I just realized I submitted a second picture too late for the calendar contest. oops. My first pic was before the deadline but not the second one. Oops. Lost track of the date. smile



heehee Bath Time!!  At my house when you say bath time, Mr. Skittles run to the bath tub, tries to wait for you to run some water.. if I give him the go ahead..he jumps right in…  he loves his bath!!

Miss Diva and Baby Benny…baths are at times necessary!!  As Henry like the water, this may be why he’s ok with the bath.
You all look sooo very fluffy…love it!



Corrine, bath time sounds very interesting…Henry, the easiest of all, Miss Luna, not so much, and of course there is the entertaing Benny.  Good job, by the way, of keeping track of Benny doing his wild thing.



We had bath time at our house this weekend too!  Your comment about Benny trying to get the dirt back on him made me laugh.  That’s exactly what Lyla does.  After bath time is the rare occasion that Lily has a litte burst of energy for a bit. It’s so fun to watch them.



I’ve been slacking on bath time…dirty puggers in the house!



Benjamin is so funny in that video!  I love the brief clickclickclicks as he goes across the tile!

I’m so sad for Luna—-just when she had gotten the perfect combination of smells to roll in, you washed them away.  I’m sure she’ll get busy finding new ones.

Handsome Henry thinks it’s no big deal at all.  Maybe he knows it’s worth the effort to achieve that perfect fur petting quality.

Hellen Norton


You guys are all so different but baths are a real need with puggies…so hang in there and yes…roll on the floor, towel, anything…pugs love to get really dry and smellie SPER FAST!!!

Have to laugh…my Old Gal GiGi loved baths. She would roll on her back for tummie washing!!!

No Peanut yet. Tring everything.



That video was super cute.  Benny’s a trip. Don’t the personalities show through when presented with a bath.  The video reminded me of Abby when she was younger.  She would do the butt scoot (tucking her butt in and off to a tear) at bedtime and scoot off to the bedroom door lickity split.  Now Abby doesn’t do that anymore but Gracie does! Go figure.

Mary M.


That video was too cute!  Silly Benny baby!

Lilo n Me


Well around here we keep it to once a month baths during the summer, right before we apply our bitin bug repellant. Lilo loves the bath, on her terms of course.  If i’m in it, she wants in it.  If it’s just to get her feet wet, and drink the water out of the big bowl, she wants in it.  If it has anything to do with doggy shampoo…....... she’s outta there!!! She also loves the ripping around afterwards, doing the butt scoot, aka “the zoomies” or “Psycho Pug” run in this neck of the woods.

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