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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Benjamin & Henry’s New Year’s Resolutions

The year is quickly drawing to a close and it is time to start thinking about our 2005 New Year’s resolutions. Benjamin & Henry are already busy working on their lists. First up is Benjamin’s list:

  • I will stop eating cat litter from my sister’s litter box. I will also not chase my sister, Cupid the cat, so that she does not have to get fussy and hiss at me to make me stop.
  • I will learn to sleep through the night and I will not wake mommy up at 3:30 AM so that she can feed me breakfast.
  • I will not continuously jump in the air when mommy is fixing my dinner. I will be a good boy and patiently wait for her to get everything ready.

And now for Henry’s list:

  • In the morning, I will go potty right away for mommy. I will not make her bribe me before I decide to do my business.
  • I will watch my waistline so that I can continue to be a healthy boy and not have any problems with my hips.
  • I will not bark at my reflection in the window at night. Mommy has explained to me that it is just me. This year I will believe her.
  • On sunny days, I will not lay down in the middle of my walk to sun myself.

Now let’s see how many of these resolutions the boys are able to keep grin Here’s to a great 2005!


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Corrine, you say these resolutions could be the same for 2009.  Very funny.  It just goes to show little puggies have a mind of their own and will not always conform to their parents’ wishes.  Are you still feeding breakfast at 3:30 am?  I still think their little habits are cute.

sue s


Hope the boys can keep their resolutions this year! Beauty and Daisey are still working on theirs-can’t wait to see them!!!

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