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Monday, February 20, 2012

Benny Cannot Tell A Lie


In honor of President's Day today, I wanted to be sure to share how Benjamin is much like the long ago presidents we honor today. (You know the story about how ol' George chopped down his father's cherry tree and then confesses that he did in fact do it. And Abraham Lincoln was nicknamed Honest Abe since he walked miles to return an extra penny or something like that....) Well, baby Benny is honest too. Not in the sense that he doesn't lie but it more like his NOSE doesn't lie. This weekend was turkey cooking weekend and this takes me about an hour to do and I am not exactly the neatest cook in town. But when I was all done, Benjamin swore that there was a piece of turkey that rolled under the stove. He stood puffing and scratching at the stove until I finally believed him and fished out the lone stray nugget of ground turkey that made its way under there. Benjamin gave me, "see, I told you so" face. It's like he was saying, "don't hate the puggy, hate the nose." His nose NEVER does lie. Benny for Prez!

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oh benny you are so sweet you have my vote.



Benny, I love the look on your sweet face. It seems to beg you to retrieve that piece of turkey, or an “I told you so” look. 

I also just saw your Saturday post about the pug painting.  I hope everyone else sees that. 

Romeo goes in today for acupuncture.  Huckle also sent me a couple of articles about gold bead implants which are permanent “acupunctures”  I am going to ask Dr. Rowe about that.  I have a feeling it is very expensive as it talks about implanting two 24K gold beads.It is good forseveral things other than back problems, such as hip dysplasia.  I will let you know what he says.



Benny you are such a handsome vote you would have my vote for sure I will also check out the raffle



I love you, Benny!



Definately “I told you so” look… Benny your nose knows!!



You have my vote beautiful Benjamin!!!!!



Benny looks so young, adorable and, yes, honest.  It doesn’t take “wooden teeth” or 10 miles to school in a blizzard to bring the best out in him, he’s just a natural (and so much cuter than Washington or Lincoln. This picture does make him look as if he’s been ironed, however.  Where did the wrinkles go?

Snooping around in the pug gallery over the weekend, I saw that Georgie’s picture did get through but I still don’t know for sure how I did it and am not sure I could do it again.  At any rate, I thought it was worth mentioning (OK bragging).....it is titled “Georgie exposed”.  There have been 55 hits on it so Georgie is feeling pretty important.

The Abby Wars continue.  She is threatening to inform authorities that the black pugs are in this county and do not have a green card or permission (whose? Hers??) to live in this county or even this country.  I don’t know if she’s seen a mirror lately or how she would regard her appearance seeing it is so much like the black ones.

Abby was really excited this weekend.  I had been taking picture after picture of Gracie who was sitting in front of me on the floor as I’m trying for a decent photo of her. Anyone who has a black pug will know how hard it is to get something that is more than a black blob with eyes.  Eventually Gracie got tired of the clickey thing and wandered off.  It didn’t take two seconds for Abby to jump down on the floor and pose in the very same spot Gracie had been.  And Abby wanted lots of pictures taken waiting patiently for me to take enough pictures to satisfy her Demented Diva status and out shine Gracie.

Huckle &
the Swamp Pugs



Love ya Benny. I’ve learned that pugs know if there is food anywhere and they want it now!!!!!



Huckle, you and your funny stories.

Yay Romeo!  Yay acupuncture!  Dr. Rowe’s exam revealed a little tenderness in one area, but just a little.  Once again, Romeo is totally relaxed after his treatment and he doesn’t have to go back for a month!  Yay!!!

I showed Dr. Rowe the articles on the gold beads as a permanent acupuncture.  He said he is thoroughly familiar with this procedure,but doesn’t recommend it because the beads are 24K goldplated, and when the plating wears off the beads can cause infection.  He also said they can move over time and find their way into the joints which could cause problems, and they are a permanent form of stumulation and over time quit stimulating and then nothing works. That’s ok. I’m very happy with Romeo’s results.



Sue, that’s wonderful news about Romeo!  I’m very, very happy for him and for you, too!!!

And OH Benjamin!  What an excellent nose you have for turkey!  You must be the best helper in the world for whenever Corrine drops anything in the kitchen!

If drugs smelled like food, wouldn’t pugs be great drug dogs?



Oh Sue VDB, I am so happy for you and especially for Romeo.  This is just wonderful. I hope you spoil him wonderfully over this.  Smooches to Romeo from the Swamp Pugs.



Huckle, I can’t spoil him too much right now. For the first day or two after a treatment he is totally relaxed, so as the saying goes, “let sleeping dogs lie”.  You have to see it to believe it, just how relaxed he is. 

A friend asked me this morning if they have to give Romeo a sedative to relax while he is being acupunctured.  The answer is no, he just stands there and doesn’t move.  It’s like he enjoys it, except for his feet.  This boy does not like his feet messed with and when they poke needles in it, he is not a happy camper, but it happens so quickly the needle is in and he is done.

Hellen Norton


Oh enny Grannie would believe anything you tell me!!! Turkey beng dropped on the floor is a real treat and go for it!1

She who much be obeyed is a really beautiful black baby. Are all of their coats so shiny bright?? When we take a picture of her they all shine!!

Julie L.


My Henry is like this too, whether it’s a piece of kibble under the fridge, or “a popcorn” under the stove.  He’s always right.

Lilo N me (Aka Gwen)


So glad to hear Romeo is doing so well Sue!!

As far as I’m concerned, the Pug’s Nose, Knows!!  Lilo has found one of gloves that had been driven over and packed into the road. I had no idea where I lost it until 2 or 3 weeks later coming home from a walk she started pawing in the middle of the road. This glove was so packed into the snow and ice I couldn’t even see the colour. It looked grey. It was my bright ocean blue cashmere glove.  Amazing. I was shocked, and took it as a fluke. Until the following fall. I was up on a ladder and had to change the bulb in one of my coach lanterns outside my house. This involves removing the 4 decorative screw on caps, smaller than the tip of my pinky. I dropped one, it fell down into the pea rock along the lawn. I couldn’t see it. I wrote it off and figured well 3 is going to have to be enough. Well the next thing I know Lilo is pawing the rocks and noses the little screw cap out of the rock for me to find. Too bad they’re so short, I’m sure they could find people in an avalanche!!

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