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Friday, October 3, 2014

Benny Snacks


Last week we had about 12 inches of rain in a 24 hour period. At the house, we were lucky enough not to have any flooding. In the days following the rain, it was hot, humid and sunny. Which let to a bed of mushrooms growing in the yard.


Whenever I see a mushroom, I think of Benny. When Benny was a puppy, a very young puppy, less than 6 months, he almost died from eating a mushroom.

I had taken the boys out for a walk. At that age, the boys were hard to walk. They didn't really walk. Instead they just chased each other around, getting their leashes wrapped around everything. In addition to all their shenanigans they ate everything they came across. As I was unwrapping Henry from around a light pole, Benny found a mushroom growing in the grass and ate it. I yelled for him to stop, but of course he didn't listen. As soon as I could get to him, I got as much of the mushroom out of his mouth as possible, but it was really too late. He had already eaten a few bites.

I wasn't happy that Benny ate the mushroom, but I didn't think nothing of it at first. We finished our walk and Benny seemed to be doing fine. But a few minutes after getting home from our walk, Benny was no longer feeling very well. He started vomiting and having diarrhea simultaneously. Knowing that Benny had just eaten the wild mushroom, I scooped him up, wrapped him in a towel and we rushed to the vet. The drive to the vet was not far at all, but Benjamin was throwing up and have diarrhea the whole way there. The towel was quickly soaked through and by the time I got to the vet I was covered in throw up and poop. The vet stabilized him and then we took him to the emergency vet where he spent the night.

Benny made a full recovery, of course, and lucky for us, Benny got a bit more selective for things he tried to eat on his walks. And of course we never let him get near another mushroom.

I still drive the same car that I rushed Benny to the vet in that day. I spent hours and hours cleaning up the car, but the standing joke is that if CSI ever were to inspect the car, we are sure they would find trace amounts of vomit and fecal matter in some nook or cranny.

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Sue VDB and Annnie Fannie


Scary story, gross story, but funny as well.  How many showers did you take that day?

Minnie, Mack and Mario


We just moved to the Orlando area this summer and the mushrooms have been popping up here, too.  So far, Minnie, Mack and Mario have not been interested but I keep them far away.  Mario usually will eat anything….



❤ Benny.  💔 Miss Benny.  💋



What a cute story NOW!!!  I’m sure it wasn’t cute at the time with Benny being so sick… food poisoning is all I can think of!
Have a great weekend everyone!



That must have been a scary day!  Pug pups sure to like to taste-test/eat everything!  Glad it was a happy ending!



Yikes, that is a scary tale.  So glad that Benny was good as new afterward. And as to your car, I think the Florida heat has baked any leftovers into the upholstry and carpet!

sue wooding


thank goodness Benny was ok Florida has gotten so much rain in the last week I have been getting a lot of mushrooms in my yard to so I go out and pick them up I am so afraind one of the gang will eat one

Christie Sachde


That’s the thing about puggies…they will eat damn near anything…including mulch and geese poop!



Vomit and fecal matter - thanks for sharing that. LOL



Gosh!  That must have been scary!!!  I’ve actually wondered about those mushrooms and whether they are bad to eat.  Now I know.

Pug puppies!  They will eat ANYTHING!  Even stuff that should be self-evident isn’t good.



Oh Benny. That must’ve been a terrible trip to the vet. Sheesh! We had been getting rain for a few days here in Nebraska but today, it’s windy and cold. It’s about 40 some degrees and I am loving it!!! It’s so fall like! Bring it on I say! Bring it on!

Pug love to ya’ll!



Really cute story about Benny——a pug never met a food they wouldn’t eat!!!

Steve Lindhurst


When I was a kid growing up on Long Island, my mother always told me that the ones like you have pictured were actually called toadstools, which are very poisonous, and were NOT to be confused with actual mushrooms.  Real mushrooms grow in dark places.  A reminder to make myself remember is:  When I was in the US Navy in the dark ages(chuckle), we had a saying if we didn’t have an answer for something: “I’m like a mushroom, they keep me in the dark and feed me BS”. I never saw any body eat one and sure didn’t know that the toxin worked that fast.  Good to know.



Glad Benny survived!  My pug/Boston terrier mix, who hasn’t been a puppy for many years, likes to eat mushrooms.  She developed pancreatic issues, and I’m assuming this is why.  When it’s “mushroom season,” I’m out in the yard twice a day plucking mushrooms before she an get to them.  I haven’t heard of any good way to erradicate them from the yard.

sue states


Glad it all worked out-and can only imagine the mess. No mushrooms here, but if I do see one will be sure to keep Ms.Solsie & Ms.Daisey away.Pug hugs from pastor sue & the Colorado 2

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