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Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday


Solsey Baby!

Sol Playing from obp on Vimeo.

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Thank you for sharing the video of beautiful little Solsey. It is always nice to see pictures of her.

Julie L.


Fun to see Sol in motion.  Did you have a treat in hand?  I notice Miss Luna is nowhere in sight—probably snoozing somewhere, too wise to bother with this game.  smile



How spectacular it is to see Solsey in action… And that first pic - I just want to reach in and smooch her!!!  Miss you so much Sol…always in our hearts!!!



Thank you for a fabulouse OBP blog of Solsey today…such a sweetheart, and a huge presence. 

Tomorrow is my sweet Romeo’s 13th birthday.  No big party, but I am getting him a birthday cake.  Would make one, but my life has been so crazy, and I am tired from the past two weeks, so will buy one for him.

Wishing everyone a pleasant weekend.

Gina, how is Pip?



what a beautiful picture of solsy her eyes melt your heart I love the video had to watch it three times
Gina how is Pip doing?

Hope everyone has a terrific weekend

Mary M.


Such a sweet picture of Miss Solsey!  Hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving- blessings to all the puggies and their families!



I love that video of Solsey running. So sweet.

Happy Birthday Romeo! Buying a cake for him is just as good as making one. I hope he has a special day.

Pip had a great Thanksgiving! He felt so good and was his usual self. Even sort of playing with his piggy toy. He was so happy and full of kisses too. What a sweetie. He is back at the vet today and tomorrow for more IV anti-biotics and fluids. Hopefully they are working their magic and getting ready of the infection. Thanks for asking ladies!

Have a great weekend everyone! Pug hugs to all from Gina & Pip.



I meant getting “rid of” the infection. Sheesh!

pug mama


What a great video! 

Gina, glad Pip had a good turkey day smile



I really enjoyed the OBP perspective on Black Friday!  It made me so happy to watch Solsey Baby’s video ♥

Pug Daddy


Lol! Great pic smile



How wonderful to see Solsey Baby although I had to go get some kleenex.  As I’m watching it, I’m thinking how well the last year of her life was.  Such a blessing for her, Corrine and family and even us.

Gina, yea for Pip’s Thanksgiving.  He must be on the mend.  Does he bulk at going to the vet’s now or is he ok with it?  Sweet little stinker!

Happy birthday Romeo and enjoy your cake.  Sue VDB, he seems to be doing okay, isn’t he?

Thinking of you all.



Romeo went to the vet today.  There is a vet about 2 miles from my home where I took Minnie once because she tore off her toenail down to the skin, and where I took Jassy in January to have her put to sleep and cremated.

Romeo threw up some phlegm, the second time in a week.  He has had a very sporadid cough that has been very deep.  The vet said coughs are hard to diagnose.  He examined him thoroughly and said his heart sounded good.  He said an xray might be the only way to tell, so I authorized one.  His trachea is very slightly compromised, but not enough to medicate.  He said we could put him on anltibiotics/steroids, but later said no, not right now.  I am to keep him informed, because if it does get worse he wants to see Romeo again.

Poor Romeo was a nervous wreck…new vet and all.  Poor baby shook like a leaf, but he was a good boy.  He is home resting now.  Later I will have birthday treats.

Romeo has had no more signs of Cushing’s or vestibular.  St. Francis worked his charm on Romeo.



Huckle ~ Pip still wags his tail and is quite happy at the vet. Makes me feel good.

Sue VDB ~ Holy Cow! Romeo! I’m sorry about all this but glad you are to just watch him for now. Sorry he was shaking and nervous. That is never fun. Sending up prayers for sweet Romeo! And for you. smile 

God Bless!

Hellen Norton


I could not get the video to run but really enjoying a picture of her today



I clicked on tocino and got all kinds of ads.  Not sure this is legit.

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