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Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday


For black friday, I wanted to share a picture of Sol that always cracks me up. What I love about this picture it is shows just how much of a ham Sol was and how she was pretty much up for anything!

If you want to stroll down memory lane here are some Sol stories shared on the blog.

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How wonderful to see sweet little Sol.  Brings tears to my eyes.



I love this picture of sweet Sol I saved it for my screen saver when you first posted it she was a very precious girl



Enjoyed meeting Sol for the first time—-she must have been a remarkable pug.
Thanks for sharing on Thanksgiving Weekend.



“and you wanted how many of that sir?”  lol Very cute picture. I didn’t know Miss Sol when she was still here, because I didn’t find your site until recently, but what a little sweetheart.

sue states


A little tear for such a sweet girl she touched so many as have you & this great web site. Missed but NEVER forgotten. Pug hugs from pastor sue & the colorado 2 Daisey & Solsie(named after Sol)



Oh beautiful Sol….what a treat to see you pretty lady!

This pic cracks me up. Solsie had the best personality.

You are missed so very much, but always in our hearts!

I’ll definitely be indulging in some sweet memories while reading some Sol posts today!



Solsey, you definately give us a lift when we need it.
Hard at work on the computer, while we are reading about your tales!!  Loved and forever missed…
xoxox You were such a Blessing xo

Huckle, + Abby, Gracie, Georgie


A shape intake of breathe, some quick, hot tears and a smile from ear to ear as I just gaze at Sol’s pic and I know I’m not alone enjoying this wonderful picture of Solsey Baby as she became our baby, too.  Boy was she blessed to have had you found her and boy are we blessed to be a part of your sharing her with us still.



Sweet Solsey. What a great picture of the lovely lady! I will definitely spend some time today looking through some old Sol memories.

God Bless!

Pug Hugs from Bella & me.

Sue VDB and Annie Fannie


Smiles, tears amd laughs reflecting on that sweet, sweet Solsey.  She atole all our hearts the short time she was with us, and I’m so thankful you gave her to us.  You are still very much loved baby girl.

Also enjoyed the other videos.

Today is a lazy day as I recoup from all the cooking.  Annie likes all the extra snuggling, but I think she knows this is doggie day camp day, and she is ready.



It is wonderful to read everyones comments. It makes my day. You are all so upbeat!



It’s like she’s saying “YOU DID WHAT LAST NIGHT?!”



Laura, lmao, I was thinking the same, she has a look of shock…

‘You want me to pay how much for shipping?!?!’

Think we’ll have spaghetti for dinner tonight in honor of Sol. The boys will slurp some extra noodles on her behalf!

Miss you sweet Sol!!!

Hellen Norton


Sol was the first Black Pug I ever saw…..what a sweet beautiful senior she was!

Now have my own…a four-year-old black very small for a pug girl! Dakato!



Among the many things I am thankful for this week, I am now thankful to see another wonderful picture of Solsey Baby!  Thank you, Corrine!



Thankful for you and the smiles you put on our faces each day. I look forward to my emails. The antics your puggy kids get into make me laugh.



I AM pressing Control Alt Delete!! Get me your supervisor please…

Sol was a gorgeous gal!



aww sol you still bring tears you were so very precious and you meant so much to this home as you will always be forever in our hearts.



OMG!!!! smile This is ADORABLE!!!!
You are my kind of shopping Pug smile
Pug hugs and kisses to you from Georgia.

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