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Thursday, December 18, 2014

By Way of the Holiday Lights


Henry does not see very well. His vision during the day is one thing, but he really struggles at night. The biggest problem we have right now is that by the time we get home from work, it is pretty much already dark. Which makes his evening walks super challenging.

However, I think we have found a temporary solution. One of our favorite local parks always lights the trees that line the sidewalks. The decorative lights give off just enough light to help Henry be able to navigate things better. So the last few nights we have been driving to the park, then taking a small walk by the light of the Christmas lights. The best part is that this also gets Henry a little car ride!

When the holidays are over, we might also have a backup plan for lighting Henry's evening walks. We noticed that the field lights on the soccer fields light up not only the field, but a large portion of the sidewalk. So, I think we might become the biggest rec league fans and be at the fields to take Henry for a walk at every game.

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Great solution for night walking with Henry! Something I found that was also helpful for Meiling’s blindness was night lights in the wall sockets that automatically went on when it got dark near her favorite spots.

Joyce Joy


That is such a sweet picture.  Thank you OBP for sharing this with us.  He is such a sweet dog and you are such good parents. And, the bonus is the car ride!



Cool!!  Park looks lovely for a stroll though it!

Sue VDB and Annie Fannie


Henry, you really are one loved pug.  The solution for you sounds perfect, and now you get the addition of a car ride…woohoo.

sue wooding


this is a great idea and have to agree with Sue it also gives Henry a car ride pretty picture

Chris Dominick


Your thoughtful and considerate tips about accomodating senior dogs are invaluable, I’m trying to remember them all for when my pugs are seniors. Thanks so much for sharing. Hugs to Henry.

Christie Sachde


Walking in a winter wonderland…

Sandra B.


Henry got walkies and a car ride?!??
What a lucky Pug!

And what resourceful Pug Parents you two are.

I’m waiting for you to write your official, best ever, Pug Owners Manual.  It will be a best seller for sure.



Go Henry. Right out there leading your people-pack.  Showing them the lights. grin



So nice for an evening stroll. Just perfect for Henry.



What a lovely walk you’ve found to enjoy with Henry!  I bet when you start walking by the soccer field Henry will soon have a whole new fan club coming from the stands!



Great solution!  Very pretty picture!

Sue States


A Christmas Picture for sure. I agree-the sharing of tips on taking care of senior pugs is invaluable. Not to mention the other health tips as well. I’m happy to say that after reading the post about using crushed imodium to help with what we call pupareaha, and foods that have caused this issue Daisey’s & Solsie’s pup tummies have calmed down. What a wonderful place this OBP home is. Pug hugs from pastor sue & the Colorado 2



I wonder if Henry could wear a headlamp? The kind that joggers wear. #henrystrong

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