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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Caption This #209


As always, I am looking forward to your captions in the comments section. smile

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Benny “oh man those paparazzi’s caught me skinny dipping again!” 
Great picture!  Benny you are so handsome.



Andi that is just hilarious!!! 

The stealth pug emerges into the jungle on the hunt for his puffy who has gone MIA…

Benjamin, huge kiss to you handsome!

mary castagnoli


“Always with the camera, Corrine!  Potty time ain’t no photo-op!”  (sez put-upon Benny)



Heather, that is hilarious, too.  Benny, you’re da man.



no cute caption here. The others are much better than anything I could come up with. You are very handsome Baby Benny!

Pug Hugs to all from Gina & Pip



I see you you cant hide



“How did you beat me out here?”



It’s a jungle out here.  Hope I don’t get lost.  Mom, are you watching me?

sue states


Ben,Ben Ben of the jugle-watch out for that tree! Pug hugs and lols from the Colorado 4



Walk….out here….in the grass??? Really, Mom???



Too funny… great captions from everyone!
I have turkey brain lol
He is nekked!!  no harness!!
It was an awesome weekend..the temp was high, sunshine friday, saturday sunday and monday..and sunday & monday record highs for this time of year.
Thanksgiving was wonderful, busy weekend. Our daughter got home with friends, who do not celebrate thanksgiving, so this was a wonderful experience for them.  Turkey, pumpkin carving and birthday cake ... = awesome!
thank you all for the thanksgiving sentiments… I am truly blessed

mary castagnoli


PAT - Too funny!  Nekked, indeed!! Maybe that’s why Ben had such a different expression on his pug-mug.  Why is your Thanksgiving so much earlier than ours???  Pilgrims must have landed at Plymouth Rock on their way down from Canada???  At any rate - it’s my favorite holiday - and I would really like having the full month of November inbetween Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Maybe we need to do some re-arranging in the U.S.  Seems like here - between Halloween and Christmas, Thanksgiving doesn’t have as much impact.

pug mama


Mary c, hehe, that is pretty funny!!!! 

Indeed, Benny looks put upon, disgusted to be caught coming out to do his business-LOL!!



I found this on the internet earlier today, thought I would share with anyone interested in reading it!

Why Do Canadians And Americans Celebrate Thanksgiving On Different Days?

10/08/2007 | CityNews.ca Staff

We celebrate Christmas and New Year’s on the same day. Our Labour Day’s the same, too. And even our birthdays are extremely close - July 1st and July 4th. So why does Canada celebrate Thanksgiving so far ahead of the U.S.?

The common wisdom seems to be that because we’re so much farther north, our harvest days arrive earlier, and so we give thanks a lot sooner - although it’s hard to be grateful for an earlier winter.

Whatever the truth, there’s one fact history can’t deny - Canada has been celebrating the holiday a lot longer than our southern neighbours.

Thanksgiving in Canada actually goes back to 1578 in Newfoundland, when explorer Martin Frobisher held a ceremony of gratitude for surviving the journey from Europe.

Americans, led by the Puritans and the Mayflower, didn’t begin their annual tradition until 1621 - 43 years later.

But the first official Canuck day of thanks actually started in - of all months - April of 1872, as a grateful nation celebrated the recovery of King Edward VII from an illness.

Our next turkey time came seven years later, and this time it was in November! It stayed that way until 1899, when it moved to a Thursday in October. And talk about an unstable holiday.

In 1901 and 1904, it was on a Thursday in November.

Between 1908 and 1921, it was moved to a Monday in October.

And from 1922 to 1930, it was actually celebrated on what is now Remembrance Day -  November 11th!

In fact, Canada didn’t actually settle on a true Thanksgiving Day until 1957, when Parliament finally fixed the date as the second Monday in October, where it remains now, giving us the final long weekend of the season.

Now that’s something to truly be thankful for.

Interesting article..I didn’t know why we celebrated them in different months.
Most often is is sunny and warm…awesome day!



Thanks for the research Pat…very interesting.



I like the nekked bit.  Great word.

Pat, that was certainly interesting.  I was going to look it up on the web.  I’m not even sure I knew Canada had a Thanksgiving.

mary castagnoli


Merci-mucho-coup, Pat.  That certainly explains a lot.  I was born on our U.S. Thanksgiving (many a full moon ago) and, while I don’t mind having my candles stuck in a turkey or a pumpkin pie - I would still rather do Thanksgiving in October - like you do.  Too many high-calorie days running into each other - especially since I no longer allow myself to buy “the good stuff” to hand out at Halloween.

Hellen Norton


Oh Benny what a beutiful “nude” pug you are. Now did you get caught in the grass?? Hope not! Donot want to lose you!!  Bet your “WEEDS” are not there now. The little devils seem to pop p everywhere!!!

Great week All!!!



“You’re not welcome in my pool!!”

Elizabeth Stratton


Well, Ben, what do ya think?  I see you are studying the situation.  Looks like a nice day, but you know, we all can see you peeking out from that pretty green tree.
Ben is trying to figure just what sort of mischief he can possibly get into todayl Have fun benny!
Pug hugs and xxx from Elizabeth and Mini
Cooper in NY~

Mary M.


Benny is indeed nekkid!  What a cute pic of Baby Benny!

Lilo n Me (Gwen)


It’s really true, the walls have ears, and oh my pug!, the grass and bushes have eyes.  Is a little privacy too much to ask?!?
Yes Benny, yes indeed it is!!

I didn’t understand what my friends with children meant about privacy until i got Lilo.  A lot of time if i go to the loo, Lilo is scratching like a cat at the door to come in.  She kind of associates that with the “business room”.  There were many times as a puppy, i would go, and so would she, IN MY BATHROOM!!!  I gave up and though it’s extremely rare she will use it, when i work(i’m gone 13hrs minimum) i leave a puppy pad over my bathmat, just in case!!!

I love the nekkid comment.  Lilo is like that all of the time unless we leave the house.  We found that after her spay, and them shaving her neck to do bloodwork, as much as she sheds, she’s truly a hairless little girl… Her neck is still a little nekkid, and we have been leaving her collar and harness off for at least 3yrs.



Yo, who’s that taking my picture?

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