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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Caption This #216

Benjamin and Luna

Looking forward to your captions in the comments.

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mmm.. paweeze mom, may we have some more??

What cuties, hope they enjoyed their treat!



Mom please I cant take the wait can we please have our treat pretty please



*giggle* I have nothing witty, but boy are they cute!

What a wonderful Pip update, Gina!  YAY…Love that he’s being fiesty, he deserves to after going through everything that he is, poor guy.  Please give him a smooch from me and prayers are still heading up!



You are getting very sleepy…very sleepy….

Darling pic! Love you you can tell Luna’s tail is wagging. And she is a bit blurry. I’m sure she is wiggling.

Thank you Heather! Will do. Dropped him off this morn again. He was wagging his tail when he saw the vet techs. I think thats a good sign. smile

How is everyone’s pugs doing? Hope all the people and puggers are feeling well.

Pug Hugs to all from Gina & Pip



The holidays sure are great, don’t you agree Benny?

Gina, sounds like Pip is well on the road to recovery, but still praying that it continues until he is completely healed.

sue states


Can it be? Pumpkin cookies?! Give me, give me, give me please! Glad Pip is getting lively- a sure sign of healing. Will keep prayers going for all the fur babies and sending pug hugs to all from the colorado 4.



P.S.  I have finally been able to trick Romeo enough to put meds on his poor, dry, crusty nose.  He has to dig in my fingers to get a treat, and in the meantime I have a dab of meds on my other finger that I rub on while he is concentrating on the treat.  Hope this continues to work. 
He has had only one minor coughing episode.  They only last for a few seconds, but they sound horrible.  Evidently it is due to his trachea.  As of now he is not on any meds, probably because they are not a constant, but rather a sporadic thing.

I think Romeo wishes it were his birthday every day so he could get special treats.  He loved them, and of course Minnie and Missy got in on the action. I had some salmon treats for Frankie so he wouldn’t feel left out.



Aw Mom, pleasssse?  We waaaant it….we neeeeeed it!!!!



Sue VDB, prayers continuing for precious Romeo too - need to keep those coughing spells away!!  I’m sure the whole gang, Frankie too, wishes it was Romeo’s bday every day!

Gina, how cute that Pip was happy to see his vet tech friends.  I think this is a great sign that he’s getting extra special lovin’, as he should!  He’s one brave boy…and you one strong mama!  KISS PIP!



Benny - “Henry got the last one, this is mine!”
Luna - “NO, this is MINE!’
Benny - “No,
And while those two were discussing who really got it, Henry reached up and got this one, too!”  (Go Henry!)

It’s one in the afternoon and I just got on the computer (computer guy here upgrading our memory to solve some of our problems…and there was a power surge with Time Warner and I thought we were done for but it just came back on (an hour later)) and read the comments about Pip doing so well, so searched around the blog to find the reference.  Oh, if only I could do cartwheels Gina!  Boy he sure sounds like he is on the mend, and he has such a good attitude about it.  I wonder if the good attitude is a male pug thing…Georgie is so sweet, too, no matter what the vet has to do to him. 

I’m curious though, how do you keep him from not messing with the catheter?  I guess he just knows how much he means to you and is gonna help if he can.  Blessed little soul.

Georgie coughed again yesterday, damn.  Not much, just a little, but my mind takes off with fear.  He’s got a few more pills before I call the doctor to report his progress and I’m sure he’s just going to say that’s normal (except, it’s not for us).

Sue VDB, I have been meaning to ask you, is Romeo back to jumping up on the chair like he used to? He wasn’t for awhile and that was concerning but maybe now he is ‘leaping a chair with a single bound’?



Heather, thank you.  The treats around here are slim.  Romeo and Missy each get one pill pocker twice a day with their meds, and of course Minnie has to have one too even though she takes no meds.  Frankie has recently gotten in the mix and so now he gets one as well.  There are other treats such as Wellness Bites and I got some stinky lobster treats for the dogs and salmon treats for my obnoxious cat the last time I was at Three Dog Barkery…those are special, and carefully doled out as they cost a fortune.  But, they are all worth it.

Huckle, to answer your question about Romeo jumping up on the chair.  It depends.  The Click-Clack is no problem…I always see him up there if I am on the computer.  As far as the reclining sofa is concerned…if he wants to he can “leap up with a single bound”.  Sometimes he will jump up on his own, but most of the time he lets me know he wants up and I give him a lift.  I don’t think it really bothers him to jump up, but he gets some extra attention if I help him…a regular stinker.



Prayers for Georgie too. All of our puggers need a once over by St. Francis. Huckle ~ he is such a good boy and doesn’t even bother with it! It is wrapped in self stick ace bandage type thing but he doesn’t even look at it! He really is a good boy. I tell him all the time what is going on with him and why he keeps going back and how he needs to fight the infection. I tell him how he shouldn’t worry, that I’ll be there to pick him up at the end of the day and that he needs to behave. I know…I’m crazy. smile I swear he understands me.

Don’t they all just love the attention Sue vdb?! I don’t really need help Mommy…I just wanted you to look at me and maybe smooch me as you help me up. smile

Thanks Heather ~ I always thing that too…that he is being treated very well there at the vet. He is always wagging his tail when he sees everyone and he prances right back to his kennel. It’s like it’s his clinic. smile

~ Gina smile



Sue VDB, sounds good.  There was that while there where he really couldn’t so I would say occasionally is a very good thing.

Gina, I would think you would know right away if the vet clinic was a problem for him, but for him to prance in, it tells you alot about their level of care.  He must be spoiled rather well.  It’s a fine line the clinic behavior.  On the one hand they want our precious babies to feel ok about going there, but not too much.  The dogs might not even want to go home.

Looks like the OBP pugs are doing rather well, YEA!

LiloNme(aka Gwen)


C is for Cookie that’s good enough for me, and Benny and Henry, says Luna.

Glad to hear the gang is slowly getting better all around.  Continued prayers for all those not quite up to snort!

Hellen, I have never heard, something so preposterous in my life regarding not allowing you to rescue a younger pug.  If that just doesn’t make you wonder what they are thinking, what does? 

This has been a little difficult to type here, Lilo keeps putting her head on the laptop and either typing or my whole page scrolls up…...... i should have just left it lol!  Pug chatter.

As for me i am draggin around here lately, idky.  I need a shot in the arm or something, just haven’t got any energy at all.  That just leads to extra long snuggles and extra naps with Lilo, so i guess i can’t complain.

Love and pug hugs to all!

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