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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Caption This #218


Looking forward to your captions in the comments.

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Benny:  It should have been on that Superbowl commercial!  I love the Doritos!  It’s my cheese; Nacho Cheese!  Yummers!

Melissa Estrada


Only the Family Size would do!!



Now thats what I’m talking about! nom nom nom



Gotta get every last crumb!!!

Gina:  How exciting, a new pugger to love!!  Yes, I do believe Pip would be thrilled!  He will send you the perfect baby to warm your heart and home.

Sue VDB, how wonderful Romeo is responding so well to the treatments, YAY!

Pug Mama, happy to hear Abby is holding her own.

I have a feeling it’s going to be a holiday season of miracles and blessings…WOO HOO!

Teresa A


Hey! I don’t see any more! Really Mom? You ate them all???



“But, Ma, I’m only having just one {bag}.”

I’m with you Heather and I just love your “Woo Hoos”.

Funny Teresa!



ok mom just one more

Sue VDB glad to hear Romeo is doing better
Pug mama glad to hear Abby is holding her own still saying prayers for Romeo and Abby



“Lucky Mom got the family size bag!”

Oh, Frito-Lay!  Here’s your next spokesman!

And I think Heather expressed things very well for Gina, Sue, and Pug Mama!



Nothing more fitting than some Woo Hoo’s, Huckle!!  Special things are going on in this neck of the woods too and I just know we are all on the cusp of a beautiful, blessed New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Our sweet, little Georgie has a dark side that has come to light in his interaction with Gracie.  Let’s see if I can say this without making Georgie seem like a degenerate.  We had another incidence of it last night and perhaps someone has an idea as to how to handle this.  The over-riding problem isn’t the action itself but the tierceness with which he approaches the problem.  It completely shocked me the first time it happened and I would have just chalked it up to a random action - until it happened a second, then a third time and so on.

Gracie has lately taken to sleeping on my pillow leaving just a small amount of pillow for my head.  I was okay with that.  However, we were settling down one night, the lights had just been turned off, Abby was in her position on my right and Georgie on my left with Gracie on my pillow.

All of a sudden I heard this slurp, slurp, slurp and then some fierce growling from Gracie and even fiercer growling from Georgie.  I could tell that Gracie was mad, Georgie was mad that she was mad and they were grumbling at one another but it sounded as if they were going to rip each others’ hearts out.

Georgie was nursing!

I did the only thing I could think of right then, and pulled Georgie off of Gracie and just hope all of her milkbottles remained in tact.  Then he was fine.  Another night I could practically see the thought of Georgie’s intent to nurse and pulled him close to cuddle with him.  He seemed okay with that but then he started kneeding my nightgown - and I was in it.

Funny as this is, it is rather perplexing and any ideas are welcome.  The whole five years of their lives they have been together, three of them as husband and wife, and suddenly he wanted the “friends with benefits” resumed and I don’t know why.

The thing that strikes me most is the viciousness they each had for the other when neither one was getting what they wanted.  (Is this a male thing, Wayne?)

I have some spray shield that I could use when these antics start, but unless deadly mayhem seems likely, I don’t want to use it.  Ideas?

Pug hugs,
Huckle & some
misguided Swamp Pugs



Oh Huckle, just dying in laughter over here…You honestly must entertain the idea of writing a comedy.  BWahahahahahahaha…FWBs, hahahahahaha.



But Mom, it does say family size, and I’m part of the family, so it’s ok.



Heaven, I’m in heaven : )

Hellen Norton


OK BENNIE….so Mom ate them all!!! Next time you have to be faster!!!!!

Huckle….I am waiting for the book!!!! This is funny!!!

pug mama


LOL!  That bag is perfectly Benny size, sure hope they left some for you Ben!

Wayne Blackman


Hey there is some left yet keep the bag steady please.



Family size - and I’m part of the family!  I’m gonna stick my pug head in this bag and get ‘em all!



Dear Family Vet,
Just in case you view this blog, there weren’t really Doritos in this bag. You see our mom stores our pugkin bread in this Doritos bag, and you know how much we love our healthy, nutritious and wholesome pugkin bread!
The Pugs



Stacey, love your comment.  That is hilarious.



Finally! I wondered why you hadn’t given me some—where were your manners?!

Wayne Blackman


i do know this some ladies can be as difficult as any man. Every pug is different in their feeling. Most of the times pugs are just wonderfully crazy. My pug was a perfect one who made me laugh most of the time.

Lilo N me


Benny, star of the Doritos SuperBowl commercial!!

I’m sure there was one with a pug, we can only see them on youtube where i live as our Superbowl feed goes through Canadian channels.

Huckle, I feel your pain!!! Or should i say Lilo feels Gracie’s pain.  Since my brothers pug puppy came home last Tuesday, well he thinks he won the jackpot and got his own set of taps!!  He keeps trying to nurse from his Aunty Lilo.  I must say she is really showing a lot of restraint.  I think i have heard her growl at him a whole 6 or 7 times since he came home.  I don’t know what more to do other than get some bitter apple and coat Lilo’s underside with it.  Poor girl already has her nose out of joint (if that’s even anatomically possible with a pug).  She held the throne in this house for the last 4yrs, so this is quite an adjustment.  I guess she realizes this isn’t a visitor, and he’s here to stay.

I have tried putting Lilo’s sweaters on to cover the taps, (they’ve never been used) but then Tux just latches onto the back of them and pulls. I just got her two new ones this past week and he’s already snagged them. (we just can’t have anything nice can we Tux).

Continued prayers for Romeo and Abby, and for some Christmas miracles ( or holiday magic if you prefer) of the Pug kind!!

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