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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Caption This #220


Looking forward to your captions in the comments.

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Yup.. going to the dog park..or the beach!! Hurry Ma, we gotta go NOW!!
How cute, and it looks like an awesome day!



See ya later.  We’re out for some fun.



Hey whats taking so long mom lets go



Don’t make me get behind the wheel and drive this bad boy…



Ya comin’?

So cute. What a great picture.



“Sittin’ on G.  Waitin’ on O!”



See?  I’m the center of attention, - as it should be, always and forever!  xxxooo

Lilo N me (Aka Gwen)


It was a Benny, and a Henry and a dog named Luna and cat named Cupid too,
Heading out of town in a pickup truck, gonna make some dreams come true!

I have no idea why Della and the dealer popped into my head but it’s all I could think of lol. Before we went out for New Years, I walked Lilo, but I had also started the truck before we left on our walk. We came back and she went right to the driver door like she was coming too. Then when I said no she went around to the passenger door. Talk about droppin a hint lol. She sure likes to go places but it’s often too cold to take them along in the winter. Poor babies had to stay home and man the fort!

Back to work tomorrow for me. Have a wonderful week all!

sue states


Gma & Gpa leaving-going hunting objective: TREATS! Don’t know what happened, but they disappeared when Gma & Gpa left-must be connected-agent pug signing out! Pug hugs to all from the colorado 4



“Does this truck make me look fat?”

Hellenn Norton


A road trip to a really fun place I hope!!

We had a geat holiday and am now starting the coungdown for Dakato to get here!!!



Cute, Sleighbelle and Caarmela!

Does this mean Benny is steering and Luna riding shotgun?  Yike

Hellen, saw Dakota on Facebook.  I’m anxiously waiting for you.  You two are going to fall in love.



Carmella ~ You made me laugh out loud and boy did I need that! Sheesh!!!

It’s been one month since Pip passed. And I’m pms’ing! Doesn’t make for a good combo! Sheesh I can’t stop tearing up and yelling at my kids!!!!!! Just kidding….I yell at my kids even when I’m not pms’ing!!! Ba-da-bah! Is this thing on?!!

Lilo N me (Aka Gwen)


Lol. Great comments everyone! I had to come back and see who said what! Lol @ agent pug. Hope your trail doesn’t go cold. Gina here’s one for you. While i have both pugs with me upstairs on the couch I faintly here a call for help. My idiot brother trying to put something together and set it up by himself when it is clearly a two man job! So I run to help finding this wardrobe collapsed on top of him in the basement. (he’s lucky I was home).  Upon return i sit down to two pugs and go to grab my blanket on the couch to find puppy poo. :(

I have my little rant and clean it up. I lay down later and think, man I can still faintly smell poo. Low and behold some of it must have rolled under the dog blanket on the couch. Ugh!  Thank god for creating microfiber! I have had this set since Lilo was a puppy and it has never been violated in this manner. Never! I think I’ll be making a trip to the furniture store for more cleaner soon if this keeps up.  That or some little boy is gonna be getting fitted for britches!



Gwen! That makes me laugh. Hey. When a boys gotta go, a boys gotta go. That isn’t funny but oh how it is. smile  What a sweet funny little boy. I’m sure Lilo was rolling her eyes. smile



“Fitted for britches” LOL

I think we’ve all been there, on the poop hunt.  Not funny.  Not funny at all.



Rearview/backup, live assist system; free upgrade on every new vehicle this month only!

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