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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Chewy Stick


Luna needs an intervention! She has become addicted a particular type of compresses rawhide stick.

Each night, sometime between 8pm-9pm, Luna will get restless. She will stand in front of the TV and bark at us on the sofa. This will continue until we give her one of her chewy sticks.

As soon as one of us gets up from the couch, Luna will dart to the kitchen. We'll get the chewy stick out of the pantry, give it to her and she will run back to the run so happy and proud.

On some nights, when her craving is really bad, she will repeat this process in hopes to get 2 chewy sticks!

The girl really knows how to get her way!

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Divas want what they want, when they want it!  Especially cute little puggy girls that know how to give “the eye” and get what they want all the time!  grin

xoxo   Patty

Sue States


Well Ms.Luna certainly has her game on. Daisey cries insistently until she gets a treat-Solsie lets her do all the work and reaps the benefits talk about a Diva! Pug hugs from pastor sue & the Colorado 2



Maybe it’s something about female pugs. My Wheezy is a very insistent little girl too. She’ll stare at me and bark until I figure out what she wants. The boys just wait to see what they might get too.



Please congratulate Luna for me on how well she has you trained!  She’s done a great job!!!  And I just love it!

Bennie has trained me on several issues, so I know first hand the work and effort Luna has had to put into teaching you what to do ; )

Do the boys reap any of the rewards?

pug mama


Lily will sit at her dish and whine when she thinks I haven’t fed her in a timely manner.  She still doesn’t get the rule of “People before Pugs” when it comes to dinner.  Oh Luna, you little sneaky pug.  Lily loves those pressed rawhide sticks too, but somebody….is on a d.i.e.t. so her rawhide treats are few and far between these days.

Mary M.


Quick, get that pretty girl into rehab!!  So funny!



Careful it’s not a big jump from rawhide to coke! Oh no it can see it now she’ll start selling the dog beds pimping out her brothers….......sneaking out at night, hanging with the wrong crowd.



Smart smart girl!! I have to be nosey Corrine. What kind of chewy stick is that? Just wonderin’. smile



Oh yes, they stare at you and bark!  they know how to work it!!  We have one that does this also!

Enjoy your chewy Miss Luna!!

Lisa Gibson


My female pug does this as well, only in the morning. She will stand in front of you and growl until she gets chew stick. She really knows how to work the room!

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