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Friday, June 24, 2011


Luna and Henry

Benjamin and Luna love to hug up to Henry. Sometimes I feel bad for Henry because he almost never gets a moment to himself. But he never seems to mind when Benny and Luna come to lay with him. He's a good boy that way.

I hope you have a great weekend and enjoy some snuggle time with your pug.

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So, this is what Siamese pugs look like!  They look sooo content!
Sue VDB & Romeo..glad to hear your boy is back home and doing well.  I can imagine your shock when you arrived to pick him up, not expecting him to be in the state he was in!  Thank goodness pugs can still be picked up and carried around!!
St. Francis of Assisi, thank you for prayers answered.  It is greatly appreciated.
Another weekend about to begin… looking like rain in the forecast..again!! Sounds like a cuddling on the couch weekend!  Enjoy..whatever you may do this weekend!

mary castagnoli


Nothinig says Friendship like a warm pug-butt on your back.  My Bella stomps around in a circle in the bed before gauging the distance needed and then throws herself (bottom first, of course) against my back.  It’s better than a heating pad anyday!



So sweet how they want to be near Henry. And Mary, Pip does the exact same thing. His butt always has to be touching me. Feet, back, legs, whatever. I LOVE IT!

Still praying for you Sue and Romeo!!! Keep us updated throughout the day if you can. Hugs to you and Romeo.

Pug Hugs to all from Gina & Pip



Awwwwww, Hank is a cuddle magnet!  LOVE IT!  Big smooches to all 3 of the gang and here’s to lots of snuggles!

Sue VDB:  You and precious Romeo are still in my thoughts and prayers.  I bet he was nice and snuggled with you all night, feeling safe and sound.  St. Francis, thank you.

Just more rain and gray skies…totally zapping me of energy.  Tomorrow I plan to do nothing but cuddle in bed with the boys, watch movies, and sleep…morning til night!

Happy snuggles to all and lots of pug hugs and kisses!
Heather, Baxter, and Mr. Cole



I have noticed through the years of owning pugs they really love to snuggle my Zeke is funny he loves to curl up next to Jasper one of my boxers he has done this since he was a puppy he will rest his head on Jaspers tummy its really cute to see
Sue VDB sending god thoughts and prayers your way How is Romeo doing this mourning?please keep us updated
hope everyone has a terrific weekend



Those two babies do look conjoined.  Henry must have that special something that Luna and Benny want to snuggle up.

Romeo’s whole body has to be snugged up to me.  Speaking of Romeo, he is himself this morning…no sign there was ever anything wrong.  You know I am keeping a close eye on him.  I was so tired last night but still couldn’t settle down, so didn’t get to bed until 3 am.  Romeo, however, was sleeping very blissfully…yay.

I wish all you OBPland people and your pugs and other babies a fantastic weekend.  You are the very best.

Hugs from Sue VDB and Romeo.



Mary, Sir Luke does exactly the same thing to me in bed, it’s so funny. Sir Luke and Genevieve lay like the pugs in the pic too. In fact, they lay wherever they want to. Sue, I am so glad to hear Romeo is better today. I didn’t get home until late last night but when I went to bed I did say an extra prayer for him. Sure hope he continues to feel better. Know it was very scary for you. Have a nice weekend everyone. We will be snuggling in the a/c but that’s ok. As long as we get to snuggle.



Such wonderful news Sue VDB…Get some rest this weekend and enjoy your healthy snugglepug (and make sure and give him a kiss for me…one of his two for the day wink.



Mary, Sleighbelle does the same thing to me!  She can’t gently lay down, she throws herself against me.  But I don’t really mind, and I’m sure you don’t either!

mary castagnoli


Sleighbelle:  The noise of her stomping about on the mattress makes me laugh, actually.  She is soooo not a dainty girl!

pug mama


A Push me-Pull you!!!  Awwwww, they are a couple of cute puggers smile



I like when they use each other as pillows, and one rests their chin on the other’s back LOL.



What a superb picture of Looney Tunes and Henry.  See down there on his butt where it’s wrinkly…..I think that’s velcro and he and Henry are stuck together.

Mary and Gina, Brenda and Sleighbelle, my Abby does the same thing and she sleeps all night against my back.  I’m not sure I could sleep without her “abutting” my back.  What is it with our Pugs.  But, I love it though.

Sue VDB, continued prayers for you and Romeo. What a panicky time you’ve had of it. We’ll all hug our furbabies a little tighter because of it.
Pug hugs and smooches.

Huckle &
the Swamp Pugs

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