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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Doodle’s Noodles

Henry eating spaghetti

Last night was Henry’s lucky night!  We had spaghetti for dinner and since he has been getting a lot of exercise lately we let him have a few extra noodles.  For me, the highlight of having spaghetti is watching Henry slurp down some noodles.  We have a few good pictures that show how his eyes get so big with excitement in anticipation and a little video with all the appropriate pug sound effects.

Henry eating spaghetti

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Absolutely Pug Perfect!!  My boys love their noodles too…and Henry slurpin’ to the side at the end…well that’s my boys through and through!  Love it!  BONE appetite Henry!



Try putting one end of the spaghetti strand in Henry’s mouth and the other in Benjamin or Luna’s mouth and watch what happens.  It’s a total “Lady and the Tramp” scene.  All you need is a table, candlelight and a single rose in a vase!  It’s a riot!

Ever try corn on the cob?  Now that’s really funny!

nicole??? CONFUSED


oh henry!



I had such a good time watching that! Lord I love pugs because of their little sounds. Other dogs seem too quiet after living with a pug. You can tell exactly where they are, what they’re doing, what they’re feeling…by their snorts, snuffles, chomps, sighs.

Ivy M. Andrews


Talk about your lip smacking good! You could use that video as a product endorsement.

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