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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Dry Eye


It took us a while to get Luna on right drop regime, but after years of trying different combinations of medicines we finally worked everything out and Luna's eyes have been the best they can be for her for a few years now. However, the last two weeks Luna's left eye has been super dry. I'm not sure what is going on with it. We have been following her drop schedule and have even increased the frequency at which we give her her lubricant drops, but nothing has seemed to work. The recent cold spell might be to blame, as that seemed to dry everything out, or I suspect the diuretic we just started her on might be the culprit. I'm going to run that one past the vet and see what he thinks. If that is the case, I guess the diuretic is really working if it is even drying her eyes out!

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Precious peepers…such a pretty girl. Keep extra hydrated lovely Luna!!!



Luna you are so cute Cuddles gets two eye meds every day for his dry eyes and some mornings his eyes will look a little dry but they are doing so much better then when I first adopted him a couple years ago



I want to eat that little girl with a spoon!  She is so delicious!!



I am with Sleighbelle! So precious. No worries Luna. Your Mama will find the right answer and your eye will be feeling better soon!

Pug Hugs to all from Bella & me.



I have found it frustrating and worrisome being the giver of the eye drops.  Abby, unlike Luna, fights like a trapped lion when she has to have her twice daily eyedrops. Fidget doesn’t even begin to describe her objection. Neither one of us like the experience.  But I keep my fingers crossed, as I’m sure you do, that they are doing what they need to.  Some days they seem good, some days they don’t.  Why can’t they make pugs a little less problematic?  BTW, I like this picture.  From a distance, she looks dewy-eyed.

Lucy and Pen's Mommy


Luna, those are some gorgeous orbs! I know your mama will take good care of them!

Huckle, have you tried having someone feed Abby lots of treats (really good ones like pieces of hot dog or peanut butter) while you put in the drops? We did this while using the dremmel on Pen & Lucy’s nails and now they come running whenever I turn it on.



This picture of The Divine Miss L really is lovely!  And I bet it is the diuretic. 

I was able to give Bennie his eye drops by negotiating one biscuit as “payment” for every time I used them.  I tried very hard to negotiate the same deal over the dremmel, but nothing doing.  Bennie will not tolerate the dremmel for any amount of biscuits.

Sue VDB and Annie Fannie


Luna,  sweetheart hoping the dry eye issue is soon resolved and you can be dewey eyed again.

Mary C and Bella


This is one of the very few areas that Bella is cooperative: her eye drops.  I have found, for her, that the very expensive ointment or special drops from her vet don’t work any better than the Simalsan Allergy Eye Relief drops I get at Walmart or Target.  I also use regular “Renew” type moisturizing drops - 2 or 3 times a day.  She still gets “eye goo” on her right eye, more so than her left.  Her doc says there is a surgery that can be done to replace or refurbish her tear ducts, but even he felt that is usually taking things to an extreme.  I’ve just never known dogs to have so many medical issues until I brought my Baby-Bella home.  And she IS my baby and I would do whatever to keep her feeling good.  Just have never been comfortable having to do so many “invasive” type procedures on an animal.  Always looked at vets for immunizations, neutering and some stitching in the event of an injury.  Even toenails have become a whole new experience since La Belle Ami!
Love the picture of Luna - so depicts her sweet little self!
I’ve been a quiet of late - still check in with the OBP group - but am getting used to life as a retiree and using my computer (laptop) at home.  Trying to catch up on projects here before going to visit my son in Utah sometime next month.  It seems to have taken very little for Bella to adjust to my being home w/her, I must say.  I’m still feeing a bit guilty - like I’m playing hookie or something.

Hellen Norton


Oh sweet Luna….I know Mom and the Vet will get things figured out!!!



Sweet Luna, You are lucky to have a Mama who takes such good care of you and your brothers!

Mary M.


Mary C. - LOL re: ‘playing hooky’.  I’m sure that’s how I’ll feel once I retire.

Luna is such a good girl; how wonderful that she puts up with the eye drop regimen.  Her eyes look so beautiful in this picture!



Thanks for all the helpful info about dry eyes and eye drops! It takes two in our family to give Meiling her drops———I hold her and my husband puts the meds in her eyes!!!!  All the
treats in the world don’t help——-only a visit to the vet is more traumatic for our baby!

Luna always looks so sweet———what a pretty little girl!

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