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Wednesday, January 24, 2007



Here is Benny working on his Elvis impersonation.  Benny is just such a bag of wrinkles and he has very big jowls that they sometimes get hung up and he just makes the most adorable faces.

When we first adopted Luna, she didn’t really have much bone etiquette.  Meaning that if one of the boys was chewing a bone she would just walk up and try to chew the other end.  Luna’s thinking was, “Your not using this end, so you shouldn’t mind if I chew it.”  This broke all the established rules for Benjamin & Henry, though.  So Benjamin showed her that simultaneous bone chewing by 2 pugs on one bone was not OK by growling and showing her his teeth.  The funny part was that no matter how hard Benny tried to lift his big jowls, you would never see his teeth.  He would try his best to scrunch up his face, but his teeth would never show.  It just cracked me up because Benny is just a big softie anyway.  He wouldn’t hurt a fly.

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He is just SOOOOO handsome!!!  Love them!



We call that face “Snarfing” - MeiMei does it all the time.  Too Cute!



I just love Benny’s face and all those wrinkles. I bet he gets away with almost anything being so cute!

Corrine - OBP


Leah, you don’t know how true that is!  He’s cute and he knows it and he uses it to his advantage every opportunity he gets.



LOL…I just love Benny’s little squish face!!!  Our yougest pug Simon is super wrinkly and has really big jowls too!  Sometimes when he’s done chewing on a toy he’ll think he’s put it down, but it’s totally stuck in the side of jowls and hanging there by a thread…it’s hysterical!  We crack up and he does the typical head tilt with his toy hanging from his lip as if to say “what’s so funny mom”?  Pugs ROCK!!!!

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