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Thursday, February 26, 2009

For Good Behavior

Benjamin, Henry & Luna at Paw Park

On our way to Maitland for the marathon day of eye and specialist appointments last Friday, we made a stop at Paw Park in Sanford.  Waiting patiently at two different veterinary offices isn’t the strong suit of four energetic pugs, so I like to make a pit stop at the dog park before our appointments to let them drain some of that energy to ensure good behavior later in the day.

What I love about Paw Park is that they have a sidewalk that meanders around the outskirts of the park.  This makes the park a great place to walk the pugs off leash.  When we arrive I let the pugs smell around and meet the other dogs and then we start walking on the path.  The pugs follow along, stopping to smell, and I never have to break my stride.


Since I don’t have to stop each time the pugs stop, they have to keep a close eye on me.  They don’t like it if I get too far away, so they stop and smell and then make a mad dash to catch back up.

Luna & Henry catching up

This way they get time to smell around and everyone still gets a nice, tiring walk.

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What a wonderful place!



Such good puggies.  These puggies are so very lucky to have great parents who love them so and are so devoted to them.  They seem to love this adventure so.



It is amazing how that “invisible leash” thing works at Paw Park.  I’ve taken eight pugs at a time (foster puggies!  I don’t own quite that many!)to the Park and walked the sidewalk, and they all stay within a six foot radius of me at all times.  Even with no leashes it is like walking in a swirling pool of pugs…all stopping, sniffing and dashing.



I am so jealous of all the wonderful puggie parks (all about the pugs, of course…are there other breeds?) you guys have out there…Looks like such a fun time!!!

Ann, 8 pugs at a time?!?!?!  What a beautiful sight that must be!!!

sue s


We don’t have a doggie park here, but Beauty & Daisey follow me around the house like a tail-no place is off limits for Beauty-she has to make sure I get dressed in the morning!Heaven knows I need the help! Daisey prefers going back to bed,so do I-but gotta keep the girls in bones so off to work I go!

Andrea G.


What beautiful pictures and it looked like it was a nice day at a wonderful dog park.  What fun!

Darci and Abbey the Pug


Great pictures!  We are so jealous you get to go outside!  It is either too cold or rainy here.  Then when it stops, the sun comes out, but the ground is still too sloppy for walking or playing.  We are very envious…!

Karen B


Looks like a great place!  Would love to be there!



How absolutely adorable that Benjamin brought his puffy with him outside…

But Benny, you don’t want to leave it outside…it might rain!!!  No one likes a soggy puffy.



What a great idea! I’m sure it helps not only the Pugs, but also the parents…..gotta unload some of that nervous energy before going to the doctor!

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