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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

For Luna


My apologies for posting a picture of this poor fish. We found him our Sunday walk and I had to take a picture for Luna. Luna was the queen of finding dead fish and then rolling on them. Yep, rolling on them!

She once found a dead fish on one of our walks through the neighborhood that a bird must have dropped for her. She was pleased as punch when she found it and of course she rolled all over it.

If she couldn't find any fish, she was just as happy to roll in bird poop (processed fish in her mind, I guess). At the park where we spotted this poor fishy, she once rolled in bird poop and was so covered in it that I wasn't sure how we were going to get her home. We don't live too far from the park, but I gagged the whole way home from the smell of her in the car. Needless to say, she got 5 baths that night.

If Luna would have been on our Sunday adventure with us, I know once she saw that fishy, she would have stopped, dropped and rolled!

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Sue VDB and Annie Fannie


Do you suppose Luna wanted you to find that fish to let you know she is watching you, and maybe bring a smile to your face?

sue wooding


I think Luna was with you in spirit



I’m sure it is a sign!!! how awesome!
We love you Luna, thanks for letting us know everything is ok!  xo



Absolutely a sign and those big full Luna moons——Luna is letting you know she is OK!!

P.S.  Meiling loved to roll on dead frogs——is that a pug thing?????

Sue States


Oh Luna, even though your far away from us-you made me LAUGH! I thought I’d be crying, but your stop, drop & roll routine made me laugh. You are so still with us in spirit! Smelly fish-love you little lady. Pug hugs from pastor sue & the Colorado 2



“stop, drop and roll” had me laughing even before I clicked on the comments.  And then those had me nodding in agreement and laughing.  Sometimes we can’t even figure out what the pugs are rolling in with big smiles on their mugs.



How funny and sweet that a dead fish can make us think of our pretty little Looney!  She really did have a penchant for rolling in yucky stuff! 

Bennie and I don’t see too many dead fish on our walks ; )
but when I see the big beautiful moon, I always think of Luna ♥

Christie Sachde


Is this a female pug thing…for our princess Olive it’s my pillow and laundry! Any time she can find a pile of laundry whether clean or dirty she rolls her entire pug self in it! The same goes for my pillow(not my husband’s)...he pulls it out and immediately she rolls her whole self on it!!! She particularly likes to smoosh her face in to it!

I imagine Luna was letting you know that she was walking with you in spirit:)

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