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Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Luna and Benjamin

It is standing joke in the OBP household that none of the pugs' fur grows as fast as Solsey's grew. Whenever Benjamin, Henry or Luna have some sort of procedure and get a patch of their fur shaved, we always joke with them that they better channel their inner Sosley so their hair grows back quickly. Or, in Benjamin's case, we tell him how Solsey is laughing at him because his fur grows so slowly.


After Benjamin's CT Scan two weeks ago, we have been teasing him non-stop about his missing fur patches. He has two wristbands and big shaved rectangle on his back. With as slow as his fur grows we are planning on needing to put sunscreen on his bare patch on his back. We have even been taking bets on how long we think it is going to take for his fur to fully grow back. What do you think? When do you think Benny will have a full coat of fur again?

Luna and Benjamin

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I think poor Benny is feeling a bit embarrassed (back to the camera) by all the teasing. I hope his fur grows back fast.



Looks like Ben is laughing at his own situation. Cutie pie…love how he’s right up against Luna too. His deep patch reminds me of Baxter’s similar shavings way back in the day. Full re-growth?  My guess is 1.5 months.

You’re still handsome handsome handsome Benjamin!



That is a lot of fur Baby Benny. My goodness. I love how Luna won’t move for you so you can fit too. But you make it work. I have no idea how long it will take to grow back. Either way, you are still a heart breaker Benny.

Pug Hugs to everyone from Bella & me.



I don’t blame him at all for turning his back on you.  It’s not nice to make fun of a puggie.

Actually, his fur looks so dense that it isn’t surprising that that will take awhile…maybe by Halloween?

The last picture looks like one side of his “drawers” have slid off of one cheek!

The vet just called.  Gracie’s thyroid test came back negative so now all she needs is some Omega 3 in her diet.



Great news about Gracie, Huckle. Fish oil here you come smile



He’ll need a ‘pug-pay’ to put it phoenetically grin New product line!



I’m betting it will take a couple mpnths to grow back Benny don’t worry your still looking good Huckle great news about Gracie
Heather did you see Sophia the mascot for curly tail pug rescue passes away I am so broken hearted I have followed her since they first got her



Oh nooo Sue, I didn’t. I’ve been remiss in checking the site. I’ll have to go on now.  So heartbreaking :( :(



I think Benjamin has the supreme confidence to pull off his new look!  In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if he started a trend among pugs and other dogs alike to have half-a-rump shaved! 

I can hear the other dogs asking, “But MOOOOM!  Benjamin got to have HIS rump shaved!!!!!”

Huckle!  Happy news about Gracie!



Heather Sophia has a face book page also called Sophia the apricot pug and Curly tail has a face book page I am so broken hearted



Benny, with Spring just around the corner I believe your fur will grow back in a short time.

Huckle, it is great news about Gracie!

Hellen Norton


Oh Benny….were they trying to shave you??? Looks like they pulled a lot off!

It is OK sweet boy….It will grow back!!!

Steve Lindhurst


We had a beautiful 90lb female Lab. who had had to have an emergency spay ($900.00) done and her fur didn’t grow back as fast as it should have.  The vet was concerned and put her on some kind of thyroid medicine (more $$$).  That fixed her right up.  Unfortunately she went to The Rainbow Bridge less than a year later.  I would check into the thyroid/hormone thing.  Just saying.  Her name was Daisey, and there’s a lot to be said for pet health insurance.  We didn’t have it and still don’t with 3 dogs.



oh no, poor baby benny….  :(
looks like you will need sunscreen, and I cannot venture a guess on how long it will take to grow back in… but I hope it is very soon

love you Benny!!!



Black pugs dont have a double coat like the Fawn pugs. Thats why Solsey’s hair grew back faster.

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