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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Happy Birthday, Benny!


Today, Benny would have turned 13 years old! There is only one thing I miss in these pictures, and that is Baby Benny. The snow, I don't miss that one bit.

But since it has been such a snowy winter in many places, I thought we would share our favorite Baby Benny snow pics. In Benny's young and wild pug days, the snow never really bothered him. It always seemed to get him fired up and make him want to run around. When we got a lot of snow he loved to run up and down the snow piles created by the snow plows.


I can only remember one really miserable time. We had taken the boys out after we had quite a bit of snow and it was still actively snowing. The snow was too deep for the boys to easily get around and it was super cold out. Their paws got too cold and we quickly went back inside to warm up.


But, give Benny a light dusting and he would run around like crazy!


So for all of our OBP friends that have had enough snow this year, I hope Spring has finally come and is melting away all the white stuff that old man winter brought you.

Happy Birthday Baby Benny! You are missed more than you will ever know.

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sue wooding


Happy Birthday to baby Benny I love all the pictures my favorite is the bottom one and Corrine I am with you don’t miss the snow one bit

Melissa & Bosco


I ❀ and miss you too, Benny!  I know we’re not supposed to play favorites but…you always reminded me so much of my Bosco….I miss you!!!  Happy Birthday Buddy!!!  Hope you, loonie and Solsey are partying it up together!!! πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‰πŸŽπŸŽˆπŸΎπŸ’œ



aaww Happy bday to Baby Benny!! 
We are so ready for spring, now if we can get rid of the snow still hanging around….

pug mama - Jen C


Happy Birthday in Heaven, Baby Benny!  I always forget that we celebrate our birthdays on the same day!  You are missed so much, but it is nice to reflect back and see some ‘cool’ pictures of you <3



Happy Birthday Benny Boy!

When my Angel was a baby, she liked running in the snow too. I remember one day she was out in the yard, hopping and running in the snow like a little bunny. She’s gone now, but oh the memories!

xoxo   Patty

Joyce Joy


Happy birthday Baby Benny!  Love seeing those pictures.  You truly are missed.

brenda cooper


Such cute pics of Benny in the snow. We have had a couple of snow storms in Texas this winter but we usually just get ice. I started reading about Henry and Benny while y’all were still in Maryland. I’ve loved your babies for quite a while now !!!

Christie Sachde


Oh Baby Benny with the wonderful wrinkles…Happy Birthday! You are missed…BTW-love the pic of him on the mound of snow…he’s king of the hill!

Sue States


Happy Birthday baby Benny-You are greatly missed! Know you are wooping it up with Sol & Luna. Solsie was potty training when we lived in the Colorado mountains where it snows from October-May-when the melt finally happened and there was green grass-she was confused as to what to do and where to go since she was use to only white stuff to go on. She still likes the snow. Pug hugs from pastor sue & the Colorado 2

Sandra B.


Happy Birthday Benny!

I love the green sweater, that color suited Benny well!

My Nick and Nora never got to experience snow having lived their whole lives in So Cal. I bet my Nora would have loved the snow, she was the adventurous one!



OMG That face,those soft wrinkles. And those EYES. So full love love love..that was my Benny…all love…and my Spiderman partner…i soooo miss that little guy…:(

Sue VDB and Annie Fannie


Happy Birthday at the Rainbow Bridge Baby Benny.  You certainly are missed.  Please continue to watch ovey your brother Hank, and all your family.  I know you are always with them.

Deb Sheers


Happy Birthday Baby Benny!  It is snowing in Cleveland, Ohio today - brrrr!
#CmonSpring!  #TeamPug



Fantastic pics. Happy birthday, Benny!



Happy Birthday Baby Benny.

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