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Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy Fourth of July

Happy Fourth of July from Benjamin, Henry, Luna & Sol

Happy Fourth of July to all of those in the US and a belated Canada Day to our friends in the North!

Have a great weekend!

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Just love it!!  Happy 4th to all my US friends!!  Enjoy your holiday weekend. 
Wonderful puggy tribute!



Great picture!  Henry, Luna, Benny, and Sol you are all just darling smile  Happy 4th of July!



My new desktop picture!  What an awesome picture of this beautiful bundle of pugs. 

U.S. OBP people have a very safe and sane 4th of July and if your area allows fireworks please protect those precious puggies.



Such Patriotism…Love it.  Happy 4th to all!



Such beautiful patriots!  I wonder how Sol will react to fireworks and/or firecrackers.  We took Biscuit and Rascal to a concert/fireworks show the other night and overall they did fine.  As it happened the origin of the display was just across the river, so we were really close, and certain low, fast, pop-pops really scared Biscuit.  Other than that, they handled things pretty well.  Happy 4th of July, and to all the rescue puggies, Happy Independence (from your mistreatment) Day.



What a beautiful Family.  I will take one of each!



my desktop pic too!  Happy 4th everyone!  Thank you God for allowing us to live in the greatest nation on earth.  Thanks also to all the servicemen and women, past, present, and future that work so hard to keep us FREE!



Good post Carla about Independence Day for the rescue puggies.

Darci and Abbey the Pug


Happy and safe 4th to everyone!!  Just a side thought, how do the OBP group hold up with the sounds of the fireworks?  Abbey is getting better, but she used to bark every time a fire cracker boomed.



Again what a great bunch of pugs!  I always get such a joy out of seeing these pictures! They are just like little kids!  Happy 4th!

Ivy M. Andrews


What a great group shot. So cute with their bandanas. Happy 4th of July to all you pug lovers.

patty hunt


Possibly your very best photo ever! Those precious Pugs, they are so lucky to have you.
My baby, Buddy 10 1/2 says “fireworks” “what fireworks, I never heard a thing”. However he can hear the refridgerator door open from 2 houses down the road. Priorities I guess. Please keep up the fantastic work you do, this is the first site I come too each morning. Puts a big smile on my face.
Love, Patty

Karen B


Beautiful puggies!  Let Freedom Ring!



What an adorable photo!!!



I have to agree, out of all your wonderful fantastic pics this is just about my favorite. I absolutely love the look on Sol’s face. We have had a rather quiet weekend also, I did get to see 4 of my grandsons under the age of 3 yesterday. So it was pretty lively for a while around here. It is a little cloudy today, so maybe we will get some rain. We sure need it. The thought of fireworks tonight is a little unnerving, but maybe people will use their heads and just go to town and watch the pros do it. Happy 4th of July to everyone and I too am so thankful to live in the good old USA. I am also thankful for my rescue babies and I wish I was young enough and rich enough to get about ten more. Love and prayers to all from your friends in central Texas.

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