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Monday, December 28, 2009

Happy Gotcha Day Sol!


It is hard to believe, but one year ago today, Solsey Baby wandered into our lives. And to think we were just going to foster her grin

Last week, we had a real scare and I did not think that we would even make it to celebrate this milestone. But, we made it and we are going to do our best to celebrate this event Solsey style. As it is her favorite, I'm thinking a little bowl of spaghetti is in order.

I will share all the details of the roller coaster that was last week tomorrow, but today we celebrate. In honor of her Gotcha Day here is a gallery of Solsey pictures.

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You are very precious sweet sol and we love muches here as you have become a part of our home and our hearts.We want to wish you a very Happy New Year as we are going to enjoy another year with you in it.



Oh Sol, there are no words to describe you.  You are a treasure!

I am SO glad she found her way to you (along with about another million Sol fans!!).



Happy Gotcha Day, Miss Sol.  I hope you’re with us for many more because you’ve definitely stolen a piece of my heart.

Corrine, thanks for sharing those pictures.  You can see how Sol just blossomed over the year.  She looks so happy and content in the later ones.



Solsey melted your heart from the beginning.
All of us OBP fans are glad you kept her.

sue s


When I see your sweet face-Solsey-love just flows from you like a river! So happy you found Corrine, Henry, Benny, & Luna-and all of us! It has been a roller coaster ride-some scary moments some fun moments-I am hoping for more fun moments this new year-so Happy Gotcha day with pug-hugs from the Colorado 3



I was so happy to turn on the computer this mourning and find there was something from owned by pugs in my email last week I was having withdrawls I missed reading the antics of the four and thank you corrine for telling us how you got sol I only found your website in the spring so I didnt know how you got this beautiful pug I watched the slide show and loved it this mourning I am headed to the vets as my peke annabelle is not feeling good she hasnt eaten in three days and is so quiet and shaking she has me very scared at this point will let you know how I make out



This is a fantastic way to start the morning.  I know I will be going back several more times today to view the slide show. 

Sorry you had a big scare with sweet Solsey.  Solsey you can’t do that to your mom and dad, and us either.  We all love you so much.



I still get heartbroken/angry when I read about how that stupid person just dumped her on the street after speaking to you.

Thank thee gods there are people like us in the world, and that she now has a wonderful home.

Karen B


Sol has stolen many a heart in her day!  I wondered what was up last week.  I wasn’t hearing from anyone and thought something was up!  Glad all is well now and I’m still waiting to hear from Heather!!

Sue, will send up some prayers and love for Annabelle!  Hope everything is okay!



Happy Gotcha Day to sweet Solsey!!!  And of course, it will be a happy day for her, her family, and her OBP extended family!

Corrine, the slide show is beautiful!  Thank you for putting it together.



I can’t believe it’s only been a year that Sol has been with us.  I can hardly remember a time without her beautiful little face.  Happy, Happy Gotcha Day…

Patty B.


Thanks for sharing the wonderful, adorable pix of precious Sol.  We are all so glad that she came into our lives via OBP and couldn’t be happier that she found such a fabulous forever home with you.  Corrine, you are a role model for Pug owners everywhere.  Happy New Year and keep up the good work.

Donna Beard


GOD BLESSES THOSE WHO BLESS, need I say more you , Miss Sol, and the other precious babys, Benny, Henry, and Miss Luna have blessed all of our lifes. There are days that are low and I look on you guys and feel so blessed to have you. Corrine , you have blessed us each and every day with those precious babies.GOD will bless you and the little ones with many blessings of hope, and fun, and sitting by the pool and eating punkin bread. Thank you for sharing those precious wonderful babies and yourself with us. Looking forward to next year Love you all. Happy New Year!!!

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