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Thursday, January 23, 2014



Like most pugs, Benjamin, Henry and Luna despise getting their nails trimmed. A few years ago, we started using a dremmel to grind the boys' toenails. We tried using it on Luna, but she hated it even worse than the regular nail trimmers, so we still use the clippers for her.

While the boys tolerate the nail grinding they certainly don't like it. Just look at Benny's face. He could not be more perturbed.

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sue wooding


my puggers will not let me do their nails so I take them to the groomers



Oh Benny!!!  You are so cute!!!



My youngest gets that same look on his face when I grind his nails. I can’t get near him with nail clippers.

Sue States


LOL! I was once told that animals don’t show emotions-Benny this proves that idea WRONG. Pug hugs from pastor sue & the Colorado 2



Oh my, I think if Benny wasn’t so well behaved, he would have left a “tip” for you!!!  I had to take Sleighbelle to the vet for trims; one person holding her, another trimming, and she was screaming the entire time!  The techs would come out covered in hair.  She screamed and shed at the speed of sound!!!

Valerie Taylor


That face is a classic!  My cats aren’t very cooperative, either.

Sue VDB and Annie Fannie


At least he doesn’t full out fight. Be thankful for small favors Corrine.  Annie does everything she can think of to escape the horrible nail trim.  Her last nail trim resulted in a friend getting nasty scratches on her arms and neck.  Then I see my friend’s two pugs sit there and allow it with no fuss and I tell Annie she needs to observe and learn…yeah right.



While it’s true that Benny has a disgruntled expression, in the whole realm of pug-nail-clipping he is truly an angel!

My Bennie has taken a page out of Sleighbelle and Annie’s book.  He fights with every ounce of pug-strength he has while screaming the entire time.  If I wasn’t actually present for it, I don’t think I could believe how horrible he acts.

crazy pug lady


Is it bad that I keep going back to look at poor Benny’s face in this photo?  I continually cracks me up.  I am not sure why it just gives me the giggles….but it does.  Poor Benny.  I don’t mean to laugh at your sweet face but your expression is simply priceless!



Poor boy!  He sure is preturbed in that photo! I always had to take my Angel to the vet to get hers done. You could hear her screaming all the way in the back room when they were doing her nails!

xoxo   Patty

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