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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Henry and Luna

Henry and Luna

In keeping with yesterday's theme of snuggle pictures from the archives, here is a shot of Henry and Luna from November 2009. Again, "Wow! Look how dark Luna's face is!" My second thought on this one is, "Look how clean the puff pillow is!"

Knowing how much Luna loves her puff pillow, this picture just cracks me up. Luna is clearly sulking and is trying her best to make Henry get out of her puff pillow.

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Henry better be mindful of how close Luna’s teeth are to his derriere.  Ah, sibling love.

Corrine, we got a new dog bed yesterday and thought you’d like to know.  This one is like a cup, with sides coming up and two pugs can be side-by-side with still room for the other some other way.  Cooper hasn’t tried it yet, no one will leave the bed long enough for him to get in. Instead he shows his displeasure in not being a ‘little’ dog by turning his back to those in the bed, his head propped up (as only Pugs and Boxers can do) onto the mantle shelf that is about a foot off the ground.  Looks very uncomfortable but he is making a statement.  Too bad that everyone is asleep and could care less.



Thank you ALL for your thoughts and prayers!!!  They mean SO much. 

Baxter was hospitalized overnight.  When I got there yesterday the doc said it was a good thing we didn’t wait until today for him to be seen as we would have had a whole different situation on our hands.  Bax has an aggressive ulcer in his right eye.  We caught it just in time and he had round-the-clock meds last night while he was admitted - 10 eye meds, every hour on the hour.  My 8pm update call consisted of doc telling me what a tropper my boy is…all those meds and people in his face and he just took it like a champ!

This morning’s update is that the ulcer is shrinking and Bax is responding great to the meds!  YAY, praise God and thank you St. Francis!  He’s going to call me this afternoon and if Bax is still responding favorably, he will be able to come home tonight with his arsenal of meds. 

Thank you again for everything!  I’ll let you know how we make out today.



Oh and meant to say that this pic is just too cute for words!!!!



They are just too cute for words…right on Heather!

Heather.. Glad to hear Baxter is doing well, and I hope everything continues on the positive path, and he will be home to night.

Huckle… aren’t they funny when they get their “nose” outta joint!!



“MOOOOMMMM, I know this is Luna’s puff pillow, but her face is on my butt!  Tell her to stop!  She’s touching meeeeee…”



I had to go searching (not far) for todays post…it wasnt sent to my in box!! How cute the pic is!!!!



Adorable! I love how you know she is “clearly sulking” Corrine. Dogs are so precious and funny. Their facial expressions say it all.

Heather ~ I’m so happy to hear that Baxter is responding to his eye meds. I pray that it continues and that he can come home with you tonight!

Huckle ~ Once again, you are cracking me up. “Too bad that everyone is asleep and could care less”. So funny. Pip did that last time we baby sat Susie the weenie dog. When her folks dropped her off and we were all ooing and ahhing over her, Pip was at the top of the stairs with his rear to us. He was facing a wall and just laid there not paying attention to us. I wish I could read his mind. I wouldn’t want him to talk b/c then he would be like a child that talks and I don’t need anymore of that. smile

Pug Hugs to all from Gina & Pip



I love the picture of Henry and Luna she does look upset that Henry is in her bed
Huckle thanks for my mourning chuckle my Baxter one of my boxers tries to fit himself in the small dog beds and spills half out of them it cracks me up my pugs love to snuggle next to or on top of the boxers

Heather so glad to hear Baxter is responding to the eye meds hope he gets to come home still sending good thoughts lots of pug hugs and prayers to you and Baxter



Luna:  “Errrrr!  This is MY bed!”

Henry:  “I don’t care.  She can lay on me all she  
      wants, I’m NOT getting up.”



Heather, thank you for the promising update on Bax!  I’m glad he’s responding well to the meds, and I’m keeping him in my prayers!



Luna does look a little pouty and Henry looks like he wishes she would just get up. Heather glad to hear the good report on Baxter. And Huckle, we have a big dog that thinks she is a pug. Mollie is a pit bull mix but so sweet and gentle. Genevieve thinks Mollie is her baby and tries to give her a bath every night. Mollie just takes it even though you can tell she’s not thrilled. Mollie showed up at our house almost 6 yrs ago so all 3 of our babies are rescues.



Really late getting on today.  Luna doesn’t even look like she’s laying down, just urging Henry to get off HER bed.

Huckle, you are so funny.

Heather, something must have happened that Baxter went to the vet last night, but thankfully he is responding.  Hang in there.  Prayers and hugs for you and Baxter.  By my clock, it is 7:13 pm CDT as I write this.  Hope Baxter is or soon will be back in your loving embrace.

Karen B.


My computer didn’t post this until today, Friday!  Crazy machines!

Heather, yay and right on and thank God and etc.!!!  So glad to hear Bax is improving…

Huck, Cooper needs a new bed too!  Poor thing!  Don’t make him mad or he may revert to pooping inside, maybe even in your shoe!

That picture is priceless…I think Luna looks a little annoyed but I think in her heart she’s happy to have a snuggle-buddy!



Luna’s face says “What?” Henry’s face says “Help!”

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Dear Henry, I think you are my late cousin or so because you lived in California and that is where my family came from. My last name is also Luna and I’ve read “We Were Soldiers” about the Landing Zones with the helicopters and and stuff.

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