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Friday, September 17, 2010

Henry’s Checkup


After Benny was done being poked and prodded on the exam table it was Henry's turn. Henry got a little fussy when they were drawing his blood, but other than that he did OK.

My main concern with Henry was his eyes. I have noticed that he is missing a lot of treats when we play our treat toss game. I know that he has the beginnings of cataracts in both of his eyes, but it is extremely early in the process.

The vet took a look and said that it looks like the cataracts are getting a bit bigger, but again it is still early. At this point we should just keep monitoring him to see if we can pick up on any type of vision changes.

Not great news, but it certainly could be worse.

The vet also checked Henry's hips and knee to checkup on his arthritis. Henry has had a bit of arthritis in his hips since he was about a year old. The arthritis has been attributed to his hip dysplasia, but we have done a pretty good job managing it. As he gets older, we do our best to keep an eye on it because the problem is certainly not going to get better as Henry ages. The arthritis might be a tad worse than last year, but all in all Henry is doing great in that department. Henry was also down a pound which I was thrilled about. Keeping Henry at a healthy weight is pretty much the only thing we can do to help his hips and arthritis.

Another small item on Henry's list was his dry nose. Henry's nose has gotten to be extremely dry and cracked. I wasn't sure if this was a sign of some other problem, so I jotted it down on my list of things to ask the vet. The vet said that all is well and that a dry nose is just a part of aging. He gave me a gel to put on his nose to help put a little moisture back into his nose and by golly does that stuff work. Henry is almost back to his puppy nose!

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what’s the name of the gel you put on Henry’s nose?
Because my Louise has always had this problem!

what kind of ingredients does it have (Aloe Vera?)
because I don’t expect to find the same brand here in Belgium.



Quite the handsome Henry photo!  Love it…I’m so glad all is well with you Hank!  Perhaps he just doesn’t want to have to “work hard for his treats” and would prefer you to gingerly place them in his mouth rather than a toss!  grin

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!



I have noticed when Mr. Skittles get upset or excited, his nose dries out a bit, then in a few days it gets back to normal when the house routine is back to normal.  It has never gotten so dry that it cracks.. I will have to watch for that, and will know that there is something for it.  Thanks Corinne!



Henry, all in all, you had a good checkup.  Nasty cataracts, stop growing.  Same for the arthritis. 

I have mentiond Romeo’s dry, cracked nose to my vet and he hasn’t given me anything for it.  Please, Corrine, tell us what the vet gave you for Henry.

Louise, my parents were born and raised in Belgium.  Small world. 

Good weekend all.

Wendy in TLH


My Angus always had the dry nose problem too. The vet never gave us anything for it, but I used to dab a small bit of Neosporin on top of it at night (so he’d be sleeping and not rubbing it off). But he pretty much had this most of his life and the vet said it was not anything to worry about.

Thanks for all the pug updates! I have to live vicariously now that both of mine are gone.



I also would like to know what the cream is for the dry nose.  Sleighbelle’s has gotten drier in the last year or so…of course, she’ll be 14 in October, so I guess she is entitled!

Yea to Henry and Benny for good checkups.

Corrine - OBP


I’ll have a full report on the gel we are using and perhaps even a before and after (after only 7 days of usage) in tomorrow’s blog post.



Great news for two handsome boys!

My pug Pip has allergies and so he gets really dry skin around his eyes. I found an ointment online called Derma Paw and it works wonders for Pip! It’s all natural so even if he gets some in his eyes (which I’m careful not to do but just in case)it doesn’t bother him. And you can put it anywhere on the dogs.. feet-nose-eyes etc.

Just thought I would share our little dry skin secret.

(I hope it’s ok that I put that here)

Have a good weekend everyone.

Pug Hugs to all! ~Gina & Pip



I use good ol’ vaseline on Mr. Baxter’s dryness!

Corrine - OBP


I can’t believe I forgot it is Friday!  The post about Henry’s nose gel will be coming on Monday.  Enjoy the weekend everyone!

Karen B.


Henry and Benny-Carry on boys!  Continued good health to you!  As we all get older, the infirmities build and it just stinks!

To Wendy in TLH-First of sll, where’s TLH and second of all, you should get a new pug!!



I am glad Henrys check up went well I have my gang on super joint med for there arthritis and two have hip dysplasia my vet recommened it Toby had surgery when he was a puppy on his left hip but we didn’t do the right still have to keep his weight down and watch himfor the dry nose my pugsly at the rainbow bridge had a very dry nose and the vet told me to put a little dab of vaseline on it

Andi I am so happy peanut is doing good and has been adopted but sad for you I know it will be hard to say good-by but the bright side is she will go to a forever home and be spoiled you helped her when she needed help

Corrine I got the numbers thank you I wish everybody luck on winning have a great weekend everyone

Wendy in TLH


Karen B - LOL yes, I definitely want more pugs one day. I’m just taking time to absorb the loss of Angus. He passed on July 4th weekend and my daughter (she’s 9) is already asking about more pugs. I’m a single working parent and I am just hesitant right now with school and activities to take on more. It’s just not fair to the dogs to be gone so much. And I would one day like to adopt two at the same time. (I even have names picked out!) So I won’t go forever without more.

Oh - and I’m in Tallahassee, FL (just too lazy to spell it out)

Corrine - I understand not knowing what day it is. I spent last week a day ahead and this week a day behind. Haha

Have a nice weekend everyone!



We are very interested in the gel. Our vet just said use a little vitamin E and it only works a little bit. Really wondering what the gel is all about. Having two puggys needing some help with crack peeling dry noses.



OMG your upholstery is white?  ...with Pugs?  You are brave!

Georgie has a nose that feels like sandpaper.  He could sure use that salve you’ve got.  What does it have in it?  I’d like to smooch Henry’s puppy nose, he’s one cute Puggie.

Pug hugs &
Huckle chuckles



Henry, you are always so darn cute!  Sometimes getting older just stinks….arthritis, beginning of cataracts, dry nose!  But glad you got a good report overall smile

I too am very interesting in the gel.  Piper has a very dry nose too!  I never thought it would have something to do with aging (he’s 7 1/2).

Yeap, this is THE HARDEST part of fostering….Miss Peanut’s last night with us!  Don’t get me wrong, I’m thrilled that a family wants to adopt her, love her, an spoil her.  Tonight we’ll have the “talk”.  I’ll tell her how much I love her, how I wish she could stay with us, but I have to let her go so I can help another pug in need, and I’ll tell her all about her new family.  Her new family sounds wonderful and the best part, Miss Peanut will have an 8 year girl that is super excited to be adopting her…the little girl is already calling Miss Peanut hers!  Warms the heart, huh? smile



I use a product called Natural Dog Snout Soother that I buy at a local organic pet food, etc. store. I can also be ordered from In the Company of Dogs. I think any good pet store should have it and it does work.



If you don’t want to pay for the gel you can always go for coconut oil. Coconut oil has natural antimicrobial, antioxidant, antifungal, and antibacterial properties. The groomer where I work uses it on all of her clients who have dry nose troubles and it works like a charm. Just dab a dot on and it melts into the nose immediately and doesn’t leave a greasy residue. The dogs also don’t see it as medicine!



Awwww Andi, you have my eyes leaking over Miss Peanut.  Bless you for your determination to go through the nearly impossible act to foster knowing you will have to deal with these emotions over and over.

This picture of the boys seems to say a lot about them. How cute!



If I tried to put something on Ruby’s nose she would bite me ten ways from Sunday ROFL!  Max, on the otherhand, would just look sad and put upon and sit nicely while I do it.

What I am looking for is something to wipe Ruby’s wrinkle with.  The miracle cloths are a godsend, but I wish I could prevent the ick rather than just treat it, you know?

Glad the boys had good check ups!

Karen B.


Wendy, I thought maybe that was Tallahassee!  When we moved to our house, I made sure the address wasn’t too long to write out!!  LOL!  If I lived in TLH, I’d abbreviate it too!  I’m very sorry about the loss of Angus and of course, you should wait until the time is right for any more animals…You’ll know when the time is right and then, and only then, should you get a new pugster!  But it’ll be a happy day!

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