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Thursday, September 24, 2009

In the Doghouse

You see that tear. The one right behind Benjamin's head. Well that is the result of 4 years of hard work and dedication on Benny's part.

After 4 years he managed to rip a hole in our microfiber sofa. I remember the day the sales lady at the furniture store went on and on about how indestructible microfiber is and that it is nearly impossible to tear. Blah, blah, blah. Well, what the sales lady didn't know is that Benjamin is all about making the impossible possible.

Given Benny's tendencies to scratch before he lays down, I had a good laugh when the sales lady told me that this fabric would hold up forever. And to be honest, I'm kinda surprised it made it four years.

It wouldn't be noticeable at all if Benny didn't have a thing for clearing the couch of its pillows each day.

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oooohhhhhhhh naughty dog!!!  Good thing you love him so much! And you can always look at it as a way of getting a fresh new couch! (I have to justify those kind of expenditures!)



This woman knows nothing about these little darlings as they can make anything happen as my four can show you.He may feel bad knowing mom may be upset at the boo-boo and then again he looks to peaceful.What a sweet face poor baby.



Uh-oh.  Benny you naughty little boy you…but Mommy doesn’t seem to be too upset about what you did.  I think four years is pretty good.  Just don’t continue tearing it up, or is that an impossible request.  We still love you Benny.



Just now catching up with “Doing Now”.  I love Solsey’s new wheels.  She will really feel like the queen she is.  Such love for that sweetheart.



ooohhh   baby Benny   What have you done?!
Hope your mommy wasn’t too upset, and like Julie says it justifies new stuff!
Mr. Skittles likes to dig his way to the bottom of the chair, and dig!!!



Tenacity!  That’s what Baby Benny’s all about!

We’ll all take just about anything for the love of pugs, won’t we?



Viva la microfiber!

Karen B


Leave it to Benny to provide the comic relief!  I think it’s hilarious when they “dig” in the furniture but NOT so when they tear holes!  And there he snoozes, oblivious to the fact that you paid hundreds or maybe thousands of dollars for his sofa!



Love that Benny is curled up next to his ‘fine work’!  LOL Seems quite pleased with himself…

Love it and love you handsome Benjamin!



Oh no! We got microfibre couches for that reason too! Plus since there was no grain to the fabric we were told the cats won’t pick.. well I have caught them a few times on the top right behind the back cushions on the frame.
I will say, they do wash and clean up well!!

sue s


Benny you worked so hard on your “Special project” You deserve a nap! Beauty has not left furniture holes-but the yard is a different story-since we fill the holes back in-she has to go and make new ones! I guess we just don’t understand Pug-Art!Have a great week-end all!

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